Chancellor Responds to Bowman Gray Stadium Legislative Action

July 29, 2013

"Today I want to take the opportunity to thank the broader Winston-Salem community, including the many individuals and institutions that supported the University's effort over those past two years. I know that many alumni, both local as well as from outside of Winston-Salem, worked on behalf of their alma mater by making calls and letting their support for the acquisition be known. Among the alumni and friends of the University who lent their support are two individuals that I want to recognize: Vivian Burke and Victor Johnson, both of whom are Trustees of the University."

"Last year after having our efforts rebuffed, Vivian Burke pulled me aside and offered some seasoned political advice. She said that if the local legislative delegation was not united around the initiative, 100 percent united, then it would fail. They were not and we did not succeed. This year's strategy was designed with that advice in mind. Victor Johnson, class of 1961, more so than anyone else, worked to insure that the leadership for the initiative was in place and that it remained strong. And as I have reported, our efforts, this time, were successful."

"I also want to thank the Winston-Salem Journal for its editorial support of the acquisition. Getting the message out to the broader community and reporting accurately as the process moved along was tremendously helpful. I also want to thank Ernie Pitt and the Winston-Salem Chronicle for keeping the community informed about most everything that takes place at the University."

"Again, our thanks go out to our alumni, to our friends and to everyone who listened to our story, believed our message, and supported our effort. Thank you very much."

Donald Julian Reaves, Ph.D
Winston-Salem State University

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