Human Resources

Human Resources

Mission, Vision and Value Statement:

Human Resources at WSSU exist to provide value added, comprehensive, customer friendly human resources services. To that end, we will provide exceptional services in the areas of:

  • Classification and Compensation
  • Recruitment and Employment
  • Candidate Selection Advice
  • Processing for all SPA and EPA Non-Faculty Positions
  • Benefits
  • Leave Administration
  • Employee Relations
  • Staff Development
  • Worker’s Compensation

WSSU Human Resources supports the University's strategic goal of providing efficient and effective systems, serving as steward of its physical, financial and human resources, and continuously improving its processes, procedures, and organizational structure.

Human Resources systems and processes will be optimized to serve customers by utilizing the best practices in higher education administration to support the University's mission of teaching, research, learning, and public service to attract, motivate, and retain a talented, diverse, and committed workforce.

Human Resources at WSSU is committed to assisting the University in its commitment to the principle of equal and fair treatment of all applicants regardless of race, color, religion, sex, disability or national origin. An Affirmative Action Plan has been developed and will be monitored to insure that all present and prospective employees of the University can be assured of equal and fair treatment. This oversight covers not only recruitment and hiring, but also promotion, demotion, transfer, layoff, termination or selection for training and development.

Human Resources and the EEO/AA Office at WSSU will assure compliance with Federal and State regulations governing Equal Employment Opportunity. Their combined actions are in the best interests of the University, our employees and our community.

Human Resources is located in Room 103, Eller Hall. The main telephone number is 336-750-2830.

Winston-Salem State University Human Resources Contact List
HR StaffArea of ResponsibilityContact Information
Lester L. Arnold Associate VC for Human Resources
(336) 750-2832
Constance Daniels HR Specialist (Temporary) - General/Receptionist
(336) 750-2830
Winston Bagley HR Manager - Employment, Recruitment, Classification/Compensation, Worker's Compensation
(336) 750-2835
Laura McDonald HR Consultant - Compensation/Classification,
Worker's Compensation
(336) 750-8656
Michele Holmes HR Specialist - Compensation/Classification,
Worker's Compensation
(336) 750-8653
Aretha Sutton HR Consultant - Recruitment/Employment Manager
(336) 750-2839
Andrea Whittington HR Specialist - Temp Employee Coordinator/Employment
(336) 750-2829
Jasmine Lamkin HR Specialist - Recruitment/Employment
(336) 750-2834
Keyona McNeill HR Consultant - Benefits & Leave Manager
(336) 750-8724
Lauretta Baldwin HR Specialist - Benefits
(336) 750-8727
Camilla Norris HR Specialist - Leave Administration
(336) 750-2157
Cynthia Cunningham University Program Specialist - Banner Records,
Banner Self-Service Pin Reset
(336) 750-8910
Calvin Holloway HR Consultant - Employee Relations Manager/
Staff Development Trainer
(336) 750-8627

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