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Student Success: Summer Internships Provide High-Impact Opportunities

Internships can play a critical role in helping students find jobs after graduation. Winston-Salem State University is working with students to help them find internship opportunities throughout the year.

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Academic Excellence: Economic Justice: Black Dollars App

Have you ever wondered how to close the considerable gap between the wealthy 1 percent and the rest of us? A WSSU student and a Winston-Salem businessman have given considerable thought to this issue and say they have an app for that.

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Community Engagement: Learning through Robotics

Nothing beats hands-on experience for stimulating an interest in STEM fields. This summer, participants in WSSU’s LEGO Robotics Camp brought science to life.

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Culture and Pride: Summer Research Fellows Institute

When asked, “What did you do over the summer?”, 16 WSSU students who participated in the WSSU Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship Institute have unique answers. 

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