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Featured Stories

Student Success: Summer Internships Provide High-Impact Opportunities

Internships can play a critical role in helping students find jobs after graduation. Winston-Salem State University is working with students to help them find internship opportunities throughout the year.

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Academic Excellence: RaMs-C

Seeing a need to reinforce the literacy and math skills of elementary school children over the summer, members of the WSSU Education faculty volunteered their time to run a two-week camp on campus called Reading and Mathematics Summer Camp (RaMs-C).

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Community Engagement: Learning through Robotics

Nothing beats hands-on experience for stimulating an interest in STEM fields. This summer, participants in WSSU’s LEGO Robotics Camp brought science to life.

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Culture and Pride: On to Kenya

Being exposed to another culture can be a mind-expanding and eye-opening experience. That is what some WSSU students felt recently during a trip to Kenya. 

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