New Construction to Impact Parking and Pedestrian Traffic at WSSU

Ronald Vanard

Ronald Vanard

July 29, 2011

Construction on Winston-Salem State University’s new $25 million Student Activities Center project is currently underway, and as a result traffic and pedestrian on the main campus and the community at large will likely be affected.
The site has been fenced off and site work begun.  Pedestrian directional signage will go up soon. Parking between the Thompson Student Center and Brown Hall will be unavailable through the duration of the construction.  A new handicapped accessible entrance walkway will be constructed at the front of Brown Hall.
Two new entrance gates located on Vargrave Street and Wallace Street are under construction.
Loading for the Thompson Center has been moved to the West Entrance facing the R.J. Reynolds (RJR) Business Center.  In addition a portion of the gravel parking lot Q at Reynolds Park Road has been fenced and dedicated towards construction support.
A parking expansion is currently planned for the lot at RJR to help recover some of the lost parking spaces due to the construction.
The new 3-story, 96,000-square Center is scheduled for completion in May 2013, with a move in date scheduled for June 2013. The Center will house a campus hall, gathering space, meeting space, dining area, fitness areas and office space for Student Affairs, the Student Government Association and related student activities.
For more information concerning the project contact Ronald Vanard, University Architect, in the WSSU Department of Planning and Engineering at

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