A Message from the Chancellor

October 7, 2011

After spending the earlier part of this week investigating what created the problems Saturday evening that led to so many people with tickets not being able to access the CP3 NBA All-Star game, we determined that the major issue was a gross overestimation of the capacity of the C. E. Gaines Center by the university’s athletics department.  So, the situation was created when the lead planning person for athletics used 3,000 as the number the gym would hold when, in fact, the bleachers will only accommodate 2,300 and the maximum capacity for the gym is 2,570.  

The difference in the planning number and the actual seating capacity became evident Saturday night when approximately 700 people with tickets were not able to get into the gym for the game.   To say that we are sorry about the situation is a huge understatement.  Yet, all we can do at this point is to apologize for the inconveniences and disappointments that were caused and provide refunds to those ticket holders who were affected.  We had a truly wonderful 2011 Homecoming and we are all extremely distressed that the situation with the NBA All-Star Game was not as successful as all of the other events of the week.

Chancellor Donald J. Reaves

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