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A Team Approach to Online Course Development

A team approach to online course development provides standards for quality and integrity for the course development process while providing faculty with technical expertise and appropriate flexibility in developing content. The Online Course Development team consists of the faculty member (responsible for course development), a faculty development specialist from The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL), Director of Academic Technologies (AT) or a departmental designee, and an expert content reviewer (subject-matter expert). 

Roles Performed by the Faculty Member

Roles Performed by the Faculty Development Specialist in CETL

Roles Performed by Academic Technologies

Roles Performed by the Expert Content Reviewer 

Roles Performed by the Faculty Member:

  • Orchestrate application through departmental and administrative approvals prior to timely submission of complete application to CETL;
  • Transform knowledge, experience and previously developed course notes, resources and pedagogical techniques into an online course;
  • Determine the appropriate learning outcomes, activities and assessment strategies in collaboration with the development team;
  • Follow the appropriate steps outlined in the course development process; 
  • Deliver content on time as promised in an individually developed time line;
  • Recommend an expert content reviewer knowledgeable about the content of the course, commonly utilized pedagogical techniques for the discipline and the specific course content. It is highly recommended that the expert content reviewer have previous online or hybrid teaching experience. The expert content reviewer must be identified by the faculty developer during the application process. The signature of the expert content reviewer is required on the application to CETL. The expert content reviewer can be a colleague from WSSU or another University.

Roles Performed by the Faculty Development Specialist in CETL:

  • Provide an overview of the development process and clarify the roles and responsibilities of team members; 
  • Serve as team lead for course development including assisting the faculty member with negotiating timelines and deliverables; 
  • Provide an orientation to the approach of online development at WSSU and direct the faculty member to additional course development resources as needed;
  • Suggest instructional strategies and approaches that are appropriate for the content area; 
  • Suggest appropriate educational technologies that could be incorporated; 
  • Review and provide feedback on learning activities, assessment and evaluation strategies, course resources, use of discussion board, course workload, balance between team and individual activities, clarity of the course schedule, rubrics and overall course design via the pedagogy evaluation.

Roles Performed by Academic Technologies:

  • Suggest appropriate educational technologies that could be incorporated into the course;
  • Provide access to the production course site for the faculty member, CETL staff and content evaluator once course has been approved through CETL;
  • Ensure that all course links and hyperlinks are functional. 
  • Transfer approved course from the production site to course shell at least four weeks prior to the semester of course offering.

Roles Performed by the Expert Content Reviewer:

The expert content reviewer identified by the faculty member will conduct a review of the course content (a content rubric will be provided to the developer and the evaluator at the beginning of the development process).

Sign-off on CETL application indicating willingness to adopt the following roles:

  • The expert content reviewer is invited but not required to attend an initial kick-off meeting with the development team during the initial semester of development.
  • The expert content reviewer will receive a copy of the individualized course development timeline collaboratively developed during the kick-off meeting.
  • The expert content reviewer will receive e-mail notification from the Director of Academic Technologies (AT) or a departmental designee that the course is available for evaluation.
  • The expert content reviewer agrees to evaluate the course within 21 calendar days of receipt of e-mail notification from AT.

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