General Education Certificate Program

Collaboration and communication between faculty, instructional developers and administration regarding the general education curriculum have been key to its success. In the Spring and Summer of 2015 faculty completed a 12 hour certificate program in one or more of the seven learning outcomes (critical thinking, critical reading, written communication, oral communication, scientific literacy, quantitative literacy, and information literacy).

The objectives of the workshops, developed and facilitated by WSSU faculty and professional instructional developers, were to help instructors effectively build their general education outcome, assessments and learning experiences into their discipline-based courses. In each small group session, facilitators presented models of design, instruction and assessment specific to the learning outcome.

As part of the certificate program, faculty participants were tasked to design or redesign some aspect of their General Education (outcome) course(s) in order to better help students achieve that outcome, e.g., design a set of assignments to teach/assess the outcome; develop a comprehensive syllabus to effectively communicate course goals and plans. Each participant presented a specific deliverable (re-designed assignments, changes to syllabus) to their colleagues for discussion and feedback.

Congratulations to the cohort of faculty that completed the General Education Certificate.


Dr. Brenda Allen
Dr. Lynn Berry
Dr. Joann Coco-Ripp
Dr. Andrea Patterson-Masuka
Dr. Stephanie Dance-Barnes
Dr. Shawn Ricks
Dr. Nancy Polk
Mr. Fred-Rick Roundtree

Certificate Completers

Dr. Nelson Adams
Dr. Tony Artimisi
Dr. Althea Bradford
Dr. Kenneth Brown
Dr. Edward Opoku-Dapaah
Dr. Lisandra Estevez
Dr. Eric Greaux
Dr. Breonte Guy
Ms. Angela Hartman
Dr. Glen Holmes
Ms. Stephanie Joseph
Dr. Nikolaos Karagiannis
Dr. Doina Kovalik
Dr. Debbie O’Connell
Dr. Ike Okonta
Dr. Robert Owens
Dr. Russell Smith
Dr. Okori Uneke
Dr. Cynthia Villagomez
Dr. Tanya Walker
Mr. Donald Wood
Dr. Mamudu Yakubu

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