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MLT to CLS Bachelors Degree - New Students


Congratulations on your acceptance to WSSU as a CLS major!  There are two phases you must complete to earn your degree in CLS.  These phases are the Pre-Professional Phase and Professional Phase.  As a newly accepted student into WSSU you are in the Pre-Professional Phase.  During the Pre-Professional Phase you will complete any General Education courses you are lacking plus complete the CLS Pre-Professional prerequisite courses.  When you begin your last semester in the Pre-Professional Phase you may apply for acceptance into the Professional Phase of the MLT to CLS Distance Learning Program.  To help you get started we have several helpful links you should explore in "Featured Links."

CLS Homeroom Blackboard Shell

After you register for your first class you can self-enroll in CLS Homeroom. You only have to register for CLS Homeroom once. The CLS Homeroom is a Blackboard Course you are enrolled in while you are in the CLS DL program. A lot of helpful information regarding advisement, forms you need, upcoming course offerings, important dates as well as special helps for you is posted in CLS Homeroom. It is also a great place for you to get advice from your classmates. To enroll in CLS Homeroom Blackboard shell:

  1. From the "My Ramboard" page on the home Blackboard page, select the "Courses" tab located in the black area near the top of the page.
  2. Click on the "Self Enrollment" folder link located in the Course Catalog on the right hand side of the Courses page.
  3. Look for CLS100, CLS Homeroom and select the Enroll button for this course.
  4. The Access Code required to enroll in this course is "labtech".

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