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Clinical Laboratory Science Occupational Therapy
Nursing Rehabilitation Counseling 

Course Number Course Name Program / Department
Clinical Laboratory Science
CLS 2102 Medical Terminology Clinical Laboratory Science
CLS 2401 Applied Immunology Clinical Laboratory Science
CLS 2402 Applied Clinical Biochemistry Clinical Laboratory Science
CLS 3104 Immunohematology Lab Clinical Laboratory Science
CLS 3203 Medical Mycology/Mycobacteriology Clinical Laboratory Science
CLS 3301 Molecular Diagnostics Clinical Laboratory Science
CLS 3304 Immunohematology Lecture Clinical Laboratory Science
CLS 3307/3107 Clinical Immunology/Serology Lab Lecture Clinical Laboratory Science
CLS 3400 Clinical Instrumentation Clinical Laboratory Science
CLS 3401 Basic Hematology and Coagulation Clinical Laboratory Science
CLS 3402 Clinical Microbiology I Clinical Laboratory Science
CLS 3406 Advanced Hematology Clinical Laboratory Science
CLS 4101 Management and Education Clinical Laboratory Science
CLS 4200 Urinalysis and Body Fluids Clinical Laboratory Science
CLS 4204 Med Parasitology/Virology Clinical Laboratory Science
CLS 4400 Clinical Chemistry Practicum Clinical Laboratory Science
CLS 4401 Immunohematology Practicum Clinical Laboratory Science
CLS 4404 Methods and Procedures Clinical Laboratory Science
NUR 2312 Dynamics of Professional Nursing RN-BSN
NUR 2501 Assessment for Health Alterations RN-BSN
NUR 3203 Gerontological Nursing RN-BSN
NUR 3303 Research in Nursing RN-BSN
NUR 3305 Financial Management for Nurses RN-BSN
NUR 3307 Global Health Nursing RN-BSN
NUR 3312 Health Assessment RN-BSN
NUR 3318 Introduction to Pathophysiology RN-BSN
NUR 4103 Adult Health Nursing II RN-BSN
NUR 4203 Caring for the Older Adult RN-BSN
NUR 4301 Nursing Seminar RN-BSN
NUR 4301 Nursing Seminar RN-BSN
NUR 4304  Leadership and Management of Care RN-BSN
NUR 4502 Community Health Nursing RN-BSN
NUR 6220 Education Theories RN-BSN
NUR 6245 Education Residency MSN
NUR 6301 Theoretical Basis for Advanced Nursing Practice MSN
NUR 6303 Research in Advanced Nursing Practice MSN
NUR 6307 Advanced Nursing Technologies MSN
NUR 6310 Advanced Pathophysiology MSN
NUR 6323 Health Policy, Organization and Finance MSN
NUR 6334 Scholarly Project MSN
NUR 6344 Practicum in Nursing Education MSN
NUR 6305 Evaluation Methods MSN
NUR 6307 Advanced Nursing Technologies MSN
NUR 6401 Curriculum & Instruction MSN
NUR 6511 Advanced Health Assessment MSN
NUR 7304 Evidence Based Seminar DNP
NUR 7308 Applied Biostatistics DNP
NUR 7310 Health Care Equity DNP
NUR 7370 Organizational and Systems Leadership in Healthcare DNP
Occupational Therapy
CCC 5105 Cultural Competence In Health Care Occupational Therapy
CCC 5201 Professional Roles and Behavior Occupational Therapy
CCC 5310 Cultural Competence & Professional Effect Occupational Therapy
CCC 5315 Basic Spanish for Healthcare Occupational Therapy
CCC 5320 The Role of Culture in Health Care Occupational Therapy
Rehabilitation Counseling
REH 5301 Foundations of Rehabilitation Counseling Rehabilitation Counseling
REH 5302 Theories and Techniques in Counseling Rehabilitation Counseling
REH 5303 Group Counseling Rehabilitation Counseling
REH 5304 Vocational Assessment Rehabilitation Counseling
REH 5306 Medical Aspects of Disability in Rehabilitation Counseling Rehabilitation Counseling
REH 5308 Practicum in Rehabilitation Counseling Rehabilitation Counseling
REH 5309 Ethics in Rehabilitation Counseling Rehabilitation Counseling
REH 5311 Introduction to Public Vocation Rehabilitation Rehabilitation Counseling
REH 5312 Rural Rehabilitation in Public Sector Rehabilitation Counseling
REH 5313 Transition from School to Work Rehabilitation Counseling
REH 5314 Counseling Persons Deaf and hard of Hearing Rehabilitation Counseling
REH 5315 Advanced Vocational Evaluation Rehabilitation Counseling
REH 5316 Special Topics in Rehabilitation Counseling Rehabilitation Counseling
REH 5320 Psychopathology and Treatment in Rehabilitation Rehabilitation Counseling
REH 6301 Vocational Placement Rehabilitation Counseling
REH 6302 Vocational Rehabilitation Services Planning Rehabilitation Counseling
REH 6304 Human Growth and Development Rehabilitation Counseling
REH 6306 Research/Program Evaluation Rehabilitation Counseling
REH 6307 Cultural Diversity Issues in RC and Health Care Rehabilitation Counseling
REH 6310 Project Rehabilitation Counseling
REH 6312 Job Placement in Transition Rehabilitation Counseling
REH 6313 Vocational Evaluation/Transition Rehabilitation Counseling
REH 6314 Family Intervention Collaboration Rehabilitation Counseling
REH 6315 Vocational Evaluation Deaf and Hard of Hearing Rehabilitation Counseling
REH 6316 Psychosocial Aspects - Deafness Rehabilitation Counseling
REH 6601 Internship Rehabilitation Counseling
REH 6901 Internship Rehabilitation Counseling

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