Honors Program Participants

Student Honors Organization (SHO)

All students in the Honors Program are considered members of the Student Honors Organization (SHO).  The SHO, which meets on the first Tuesday of every month, promotes interaction among honors students through social activities, leadership development, cultural enrichment, service learning, etc.  The This student-governed organization serves as the student voice of the Honors Program. 

Student Honors Organization officers, 2013-2014

President  Keon Artis
1st Vice President  Martina Watson
2nd Vice President Amaya Turner
Treasurer  Joshua Recore
Secretary  Andrelisae Robinson
Parliamentarian  Alexandra Lynch
Mr. Honors Program  Tristen Johnson
Miss Honors Program  Ayanna Puryear
Student Senate Representatives Dara Green
  Quaina Harris
  Uzoji Nwanaji-Enwerem
  Brianna Walton
Service Coordinators Darien Robinson
  Jasmine May
Fundraising Coordinator Sierra Nance
Mentor Coordinator  Faith Jackson
  Cari Webb
  Najah Cavanaugh

Through high quality academic and co-curricular experiences, WSSU Honors Program graduates become creative leaders in their professions and communities. It is the intent of the Student Honors Organization (SHO) to assist scholars in creating an undergraduate educational experience that promotes scholarship, knowledge, and an appreciation of African-American culture as a mirror for understanding other great world cultures. The SHO, based on student governance, provides opportunities for scholars to participate in workshops and seminars, community service and fundraising events, and national and regional honors conferences. The SHO programs reflect compelling educational priorities for the Honors Program. They support an ongoing strategic plan to develop, enhance, and support honors programs on local, regional, and national levels.

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