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The SASA program enlists students who have studied abroad during their time at WSSU to share their experiences with other students on campus. Each ambassador has a profile listed below showing where and when they studied abroad and when they are available for presentations. WSSU faculty, staff, or organizations can look for and request an ambassador to speak to their class or group (per the student’s scheduled availability).

Please click an ambassador’s name to read their profile and times of availability.

South Korea · Spring 2016  · ISEP
Shari Benjamin 

Shari a senior majoring in therapeutic recreation.

“I would like to use my experiences and opportunity to go abroad as a platform to inspire others to travel and study abroad and to also cultivate diverse mindsets here at Winston-Salem State University.” 

Availability: Tuesday and Thursday from around 9:45 to 10:45am and 2:00 to 3:00pm

Taiwan · Fall 2015  · ISEP
Finland · Spring 2016 · ISEP
Christel Blackwell 

Christel is a junior majoring in Political Science.

“I spent my sophomore year in two consecutive ISEP Exchange Programs. I spent the fall of 2015 Providence University in Taiwan where I took courses in Chinese Language, Culture and Politics. In the spring of 2016, I traveled to the University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu where I finished out my general education courses and took advantage of sociology and theology classes unavailable at our school. In between our travels took us to Japan, Latvia, Germany, the Netherlands and France.”

Availability: Pending
Christel is also available, by arrangement, for evening class, dorm, or organizational presentations.

Taiwan · Fall 2015  · ISEP
Finland · Spring 2016 · ISEP
Gloriah  Blackwell 

Gloriah is a senior majoring in Education.

“During the Fall semester of 2015 and Spring semester of 2016 I had the opportunity to study abroad in Asia and Europe though an exchange program with ISEP at Winston-Salem State University. During the Fall of 2015, I spent my semester in Taiwan at Providence University and had the opportunity to study Chinese, linguistics, and cultural courses. During the Spring semester of 2016, I studied a variety of Education courses at the University of Eastern Finland. I was also able to visit other countries in Europe and Asia during my stay abroad such as, Japan, France, Amsterdam, and Germany.”

Availability: Pending
Gloriah is also available, by arrangement, for evening class, dorm, or organizational presentations.

China · Summer 2016  · Fundan University
Chaya Mercer  

Chaya is a sophomore majoring in English.

“While I was studying in China I was able to not only learn in the classroom but also to practice my Chinese on site. I was able to learn important cultural aspects and encounter them in real time. The classes that I took were taught by very nice and energetic professors, and I also learned a lot from being in their classes. Overall I feel as if my trip was an enriching experience, and I would love to go back to China, even if I don’t go straight back to Shanghai.”

Availability: Monday 10 - 12, Wednesday 9 - 3, Friday 9 - 5
Chaya is also available, by arrangement, for evening class, dorm, or organizational presentations.

Kenya · Spring Break 2015  · WSSU
 Gloria Mesa

Gloria is a rising senior majoring in Healthcare Management.

“I had a wonderful study abroad experience! It is an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. I was able to formulate great friendships with my peers that I traveled with along with the students we met at Kenyatta University. This experience was extremely meaningful to me and enhanced my passion to pursuit my career abroad. I am very thankful to have participated on this study abroad trip”

Availability: Mon./Wed. - 11:00 am-1:00 pm, Tue./Thur. - 11:00 am-2:00 pm, Fridays Flexible 
Available by arrangement, for evening class, dorm, or organizational presentations.

Brazil · Summer 2015  · WSSU/CIEE
Kenya · Spring Break 2016 · WSSU
 Anne Lenzo

Anne is a junior majoring in Biology.

“Studying abroad is one of the best things I have done. I was able to learn about other cultures and experience something other than America firsthand.”

Availability: Mon./Fri.: 8 -1 pm, Tue./Thurs: 9:30 -1 pm, Wed.: 8 - 10 am

Brazil · Summer 2014/15  · FIPSE/WSSU & CIEE/WSSU
Spain · Summer 2016 · ISEP
 Wuesly Ramirez

Wuesly is a senior majoring in Spanish with a business minor.

“I am a study abroad peer advisor at WSSU in the Office of International Programs. I have studied abroad three times in three different programs. All the experiences were different but positive, and I would like to share that with other students here. I would like to inform them about the opportunities to study abroad and how to take advantage of them.”

Availability: Monday 11-1, Tuesday 10-2, Wednesday 11-1, Thursday 10-12

Brazil · Summer 2014  · FIPSE/WSSU
China · Summer 2016 · Fundan University
Berenice Rodriguez 

Berenice is a senior majoring in Nursing with a Portuguese minor.

“My first study abroad program was the FIPSE Brazil summer program in 2014. This program was 6 weeks long and it was designated for WSSU students to learn more about the Afro-Brazilian culture. My second study abroad program was the Fudan University International Summer Program in China this summer, which included classes that related to history, culture, language, society,and economic problems. Both programs helped expand my knowledge of other cultures and helped me grow personally. I would love to be able to share my experiences with other students and encourage them to study abroad and experience education around the globe.”

Availability: Tuesday 2 - 5, Wednesday 1 - 5, Friday 3 - 5
Berenice is also available, by arrangement, for evening class, dorm, or organizational presentations.

Costa Rica · Summer 2016  · Veritas University
Yasmin Rodriguez 

Yasmin is a sophomore majoring in therapeutic recreation with a minor in Spanish.

“My experience in Costa Rica was AMAZING! I got to explore a different culture and a different language. I took a health program in Spanish at Veritas University. I got to learn Spanish medical terminology and practice health care. It was a 5 week program, and I really enjoyed it.”

Availability: Pending

Kenya, Africa · Spring 2016  · WSSU
Tiara Williiams 

Tiara is a junior majoring in healthcare management .

“Studying Abroad in Kenya was life changing. The trip altogether made me more grateful and made more focused on my education. There are no words to manifest how great of an experience it was. The learning technique is so different, their way of life and the environment altogether was life changing. Being in Kenya made me realize a lot of things I take for granted.”

Availability: Monday/Wednesday 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.,  Tuesday/Thursday 2 p.m. - 8 p.m.

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