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WSSU Experience Abroad Application Packets

Phase ONE: For all programs. Submit these first.

  1. Conduct and Disciplinary Approval Form - Submit this to Student Conduct, 303 Thompson.
  2. WSSU Experience Abroad Application Form - Submit this directly to OIP (the Office of International Programs, 111 Old Nursing) to 224 Hill Hall).
  3. Experience Abroad Recommendation Form (x 2) - Have two professors fill these out and then submit to OIP.
  4. Printout of your transcript from Banner - Submit directly to OIP.
  5. A 1000-word essay addressing the Study Abroad Application Essay Reflection Questions. Submit this directly to OIP.

Phase TWO: For students applying to non-WSSU programs (ISEP, UNCEP, AIFS, CIEE, SIT, etc)

  1. Course Approval Form - Discuss this with your academic advisor, get all necessary signatures, and then submit to OIP.  Instructions on how to fill out this form.
  2. Provider a Letter of Acceptance - Submit to OIP a copy of this letter or email from your provider showing that you have been accepted into the program for which you have applied.
  3. Copy of your flight itinerary - Submit this to OIP in person or by email as soon as you have made your flight reservations.

Phase THREE: For all programs. Submit these within three weeks of departure.

  1. Release and Hold Harmless Agreement and Conditions of Participation - Submit to OIP.
  2. Power of Attorney Form - Have this notarized and then submit to OIP.

Additional Documents (if requested by OIP)

International Travel Registry Form

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