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Student Testimonials


Jasmine Yancey - Sevilla

A senior psychology major, takes us along on her study abroad trip to Sevilla, Spain 

Ariel Barrow - South KoreaAriel Barrow - South Korea

"Studying abroad has to be one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. There is nothing like traveling to a country that is so different from my own, it was so rejuvenating. I felt so free and excited to experience something new. I was able to immerse myself in culture and make life long friends. Upon going abroad I did not know what to expect, I was afraid especially while sitting on the plane, but once I walked on the South Korean land I was so proud of myself my fears were conquered. Studying abroad was definitely life changing and I believe everyone should study abroad at least once in his or her lifetime. I find myself wanting to travel all the time due to study abroad. My abroad experience has shaped me into a better person, I am able to easily relate and have an open mind to individuals of various backgrounds. I am in pursuit to obtaining a degree in counseling therapy, being able to relate to my clients is imperative. I will not only be working with clients of African American descent but individuals of all ethnicities. I speak about that wonderful time in South Korea quite often. I loved being abroad and cannot wait to go abroad again."

Morgan Hinton - South Africa

"Morgan Hinton - South AfricaStudying abroad has changed my life. Before coming to WSSU I never imagined that Morgan Hinton - South Africait was even possible to see so much of the world as a college student. I traveled to Zinkwazi, South Africa over the summer where I taught Math, English, and life skills to kids in primary school. I can't describe how beautiful the landscape was, the richness of Xulu culture, or how amazing it felt to help young South African students. I canoed through a beautiful lagoon, visited the markets in Durban, and even went on a safari. My experience in Zinkwazi gave me invaluable skills that I'm still using today. I'm not afraid to try new things, and I now have a multi-cultural perspective that I apply to everything I'm involved in. I strongly encourage other students to take advantage of what studying abroad has to offer. You come back with a new perspective, your resume sticks out amongst others, and you'll experience life in a way you'll never forget!"

Nozomi Ikegaya - International Student: Japan

"The United States is such a global melting pot. There are plenty opportunities to meet people from all over the world. To become friends and share cultures with them is amazing and the most precious experience I could ever have. "

International Students - Icaro (Brazil), Michael (Ethiopia), Julio (Brazil) and Nozomi (Japan)

Courtney Thomas - Mexico, Benin, Ghana, Spain

"Studying abroad was an amazing experience. While in college, I took advantage of the opportunity three times! I traveled to Mexico (summer before sophomore year), Benin and Ghana (summer before junior year), and Spain (first semester of senior year). Although, I graduated nearly 4 years ago, my study abroad memories are amongst the most precious in my entire life. Learning the language, trying the foods, and meeting the people made every day an adventure. To this day, I still keep in touch with some of the friends I made in other countries- thanks to Facebook!"
 Courtney Thomas - Spain
"Studying abroad has also benefited me tremendously in the professional realm. Potential employers are always impressed to see these experiences on my resume and love to ask about them in interviews. As a first grade teacher in a diverse public school, my comfort level and ability to adapt to all kinds of people certainly comes in handy. I even get to use my Spanish with students and parents. Without a doubt, I would encourage students to study abroad while at WSSU. It's a decision I doubt you'll regret!"

Luiz Tavares de Lucena - International Student - Brazil

Luiz Tavares de Lucena - International Student - Brazil


"Studying a semester at WSSU and living on campus were brand-new experiences for me. I had to learn how to suspend my judgment about different cultures, put my preconceived ideas to rest, deal with people from many backgrounds, and finally yet importantly, reconstruct my sense of home. I do believe I made the right choice when I decided to be a RAM, even if it was only for one term."

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