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Honors in the Major

Honors courses foster intellectual self-sufficiency, promote self-reflection and emphasize independent thought for "scholars in training." They allow richer exploration of focused topics and emphasize active learning through creative teaching strategies. Honors courses include wide-ranging topics with a focus on integrating topics for holistic learning. As such, they are ideal for the university's academically gifted students.

Departmental Honors

The following minimum criteria will need to be met in order to be admitted to the EXS Honors Program during the second semester of a student’s junior year:

  1. A GPA of 3.25 within the major
  2. A cumulative GPA of 3.25
  3. No grade lower than a B in any EXS courses
  4. Identification of a faculty mentor and a potential research project
  5. Acceptance by the EXS Honors screening committee, who will evaluate each applicant on academic merit, personal qualities, and professional goals

The honors curriculum will consist of 2 courses, one each semester of the senior year. During semester 1, students will enroll in the proposed course “Directed Honors Research Investigations in EXS”. During their last semester, students will enroll in “Honors Thesis in EXS”. In order to graduate with honors, the student must still meet the standards set at admission, as well as successfully completing both courses, and defending their thesis. Please contact the EXS department chair for further details.”

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