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Academic Services and Assessment Mission & Goals

Academic Services and Assessment Mission

The Division of Academic Services and Assessment (ASA) exists to maximize students' potential to achieve academic success and to adjust responsibly to the individual and interpersonal challenges presented by collegiate life. It exists to support and further the mission of the university by developing, delivering, and advocating for services and programs that unite and support students' academic and life pursuits.  Attainment of an appropriate balance between academic excellence, personal responsibility and social accountability are the goal of every unit within Academic Services.

Academic Services and Assessment Goals

1. To provide academic support services (including testing, tutoring, assessment and academic
    counseling) for students, faculty and staff;

2. To create a supportive learning environment that offers opportunities outside of the classroom as
    well as an environment that fosters students' ownership of their academic success;

3. To develop and support programs, services and workshops that foster retention and learning among
    all students of Winston Salem State University.

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