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Computerized Placement Tests (CPTs) assess knowledge, abilities, and readiness for college-level courses. Students performing below established score standards must enroll in one or more of the following developmental courses (varies according to test completed and performance).

  1. Reading 1311 (Reading and Study Skills) - Course to enhance reading competency.
  2. English 1300 (Introduction to College Writing) - English foundations course or college-level English course.
  3. Mathematics 1306 (Basic Algebra) - mathematics foundation course or Mathematics 1311 (College Algebra) college-level math

Credit hours for these courses do not count towards graduation requirements; however, the aforementioned courses do count towards class standing and financial aid eligibility.

Developmental studies courses (English 1300, Mathematics 1306, and Reading 1311) are foundational courses designed to enhance academic performance.

  1. If developmental courses were successfully completed with a "Pass," "C" grade, or higher, at a previous accredited post-secondary institution, students should enroll in Mathematics 1323 or 1311, and/or English 1301, (college-level) courses, if necessary.
  2. If courses were not passed, students must complete the CPTs or enroll in English 1300, Mathematics 1306, and/or Reading 1311, where appropriate.
What is a computerized placement test?

Computerized Placement Tests (CPTs) are actually assessments – not pass/fail tests. CPTs are administered to ensure students are properly placed in English and mathematics courses as well as determine if a developmental reading course is needed. CPT subjects include reading comprehension, sentence skills, elementary algebra, and college-level mathematics. CPTs are adaptive, which means the first question will be in the mid-range of difficulty. If answered correctly, the next question will be slightly more difficult. If answered incorrectly, the next question will be easier.

CPTs are untimed. Test results are available immediately. Students should do their absolute best on all tests to ensure enrollment in the appropriate courses. NOTE: If test scores fall below predetermined ranges, students will be required to enroll in one or more skills improvement courses during the first semester. Skills improvement courses do not count toward the minimum semester hours required for graduation. They are, however, counted when determining student classification and financial aid eligibility.

After completion of CPTs, results are forwarded to an advisor to guide the registration process. New freshmen, undecided students and transfer students with fewer than 30 credits are paired with an advisor to help plan their class schedule. Transfer students with more than 30 hours are advised in the department in which they have declared a major. Transfer students should bring their official transfer-credit evaluation(s) to the advising meeting. Transfer students who have not received evaluations should request a copy from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Suite 111 and 137 of the Anderson Center. NOTE: CPT requirements for transfer students are noted on the transfer evaluation.

Take a practice placement test before your test day...

Familiarize yourself with our placement tests by practicing online. The excellent website for practicing is's Accuplacer®.This website will provide you with general Accuplacer information, tips for taking Accuplacer, sample Accuplacer questions, and other helpful resources. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Who is Exempt From Testing?

Type of StudentAny of these conditions apply?ReadingEnglishMath
Transfer Student Student already has BS or BA degree or higher Exempt Exempt Exempt
  Student already has AA, AS, or AAS degree Exempt Exempt Exempt
  Student has maintained 2.0 GPA through 24 semester hours at a community, technical, junior, or four-year institution Exempt    
  Student who already holds the designation Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), or Paramedic Exempt    
  Successfully transferring in college-level English (English 1301 or higher) AND Math (Math 1311 or 1323 or higher) from accredited two- or four-year institutions   Exempt Exempt
  Already passed developmental reading at previous institution (see Note below) Exempt    
  Already passed developmental English at previous institution (see Note below)   Exempt  
  Already passed developmental math at previous institution (see Note below)     Exempt

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