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Reshaping: The Culture of Writing Excellence
at Winston-Salem State University

The culture of writing at Winston-Salem State University is being reshaped and redefined to improve students’ writing skills. One course at a time in the QEP (WIM) Writing in the Major Program, students enrolled in junior and senior level courses improve their writing skills by utilizing the writing process, reviewing samples of good and bad writing, attending monthly WIM workshops, and making weekly visits to the Red Zone. The Red Zone is an area characterized by a red wall spaced across the rear of the Writing Center, where students receive professional conferences one-on-one with Faculty Writing Fellows who specialize in writing.

Additionally, students can receive consultations inside the Red Zone from their peers known as Student Writing Assistants. These student scholars are excellent writers with majors in Biology, English, Psychology and professional tutors with graduate degrees in English. At the end of the semester, students in WIM courses complete feedback surveys; purposely, these results help reshape interventions which enhance the culture of writing.

Writing is of profound importance; progressively, it is evolving strongly across the university at each level of student matriculation. Everyone, from first-year students to grad students, can benefit from the writing services offered in the Writing Center and the Red Zone.

While reflecting on a report dated back to 2008 which was conducted by the National Survey of Student Engagement, I discovered these results, “The amount of writing was positively correlated with engagement, i.e., the more students wrote, the more they engaged in active and collaborative learning, student-faculty interaction, enriching experiences, and deep learning.” Likewise, this kind of writing discipline is visible at Winston-Salem State University.

With our university writing services, student reflections, and course outcomes, we can attest that students’ writing experiences are enriched by the end of the semester. Above all, each paper that is revised whether inside the Writing Center, Red Zone, or during class instruction, transitions students closer to our destiny, “A Culture of Writing Excellence at Winston-Salem State University.”

RAMS Write,

Pamela Simmons,
QEP Director

Winston-Salem State University

601 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive

Winston-Salem, NC 27110

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