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The QEP Steering Committee

The QEP Steering Committee comprised of faculty, students and staff at Winston-Salem State University provides directives for the progression of the implementation of the QEP Writing in the Major Program. The QEP Steering Committee meets the third Friday monthly to review reports, give feedback, and make suggestions based on data. The director and assistant director of the QEP report to the Steering Committee.

The QEP Steering Committee
Dr. Shirley Manigault Co-Chair
Dr. Jill Keith Co-Chair
Dr. Carolyn Anderson Professor of Mathematics, (Retired)
Mr. Rudy Anderson Marketing and Communications
Mr. Bryant Bell SGA President
Mr. Darius Cureton Instructor of English, Assistant QEP Director
Dr. James Dervin Professor of English, (Retired)
Ms. Natasha Jeffreys-Jeter Director of Student Development
Dr. Jill Keith Associate Professor of Biology
Mr. Carl Leak O’Kelly Library, Associate Director of Teaching and Learning & Health Sciences Liaison
Dr. Shirley Manigault Professor of English
Ms. Fran B. Oats School of Education, Clinical Faculty, Program Coordinator
Dr. Cynthia Williams-Brown Associate Professor of Physical Education
Dr. Ronald Patterson Professor of Mathematics
Dr. Pamela Simmons Associate Professor of English & QEP Director
Dr. Jamie B. Slater Assistant Provost for Institutional Effectiveness, Assessment and Sponsored Research
Dr. Derick Virgil Assistant Dean, University College and Lifelong Learning
Dr. Tanya E. Walker Assistant Professor of English
Dr. Becky Mussat-Whitlow Director of Institutional Assessment and Research
Mrs. Laura Crist Institutional Assessment, Research Associate
Dr. Leslie Weisenfeld Distinguished Professor of Accounting
Ms. Sandra Wilder Division of Nursing

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