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UCaLL Mission

University College and Lifelong Learning (UCaLL) is dedicated to enhancing the intellectual, professional, and personal lives of its students by providing exemplary academic guidance, comprehensive learning support services, and engaging professional development.  In addition, in collaboration with WSSU academic units and community constituents, UCaLL offers continuing education opportunities to diverse populations on campus and beyond.

UCaLL Goals

  1. UCaLL units will work collaboratively with each other, with other units in the University, and with other relevant constituents to enhance the student’s academic, personal, and professional experiences.
  2. UCaLL will implement programs which effectively enhance retention and persistence rates of students.
  3. UCaLL will engage the community through effective and innovative programs and partnerships which promote economic development, social and cultural awareness, and academic growth.
  4. UCaLL will create and sustain an environment which fosters a comprehensive understanding and responsiveness to the needs of the students we serve.
  5. UCaLL will cultivate an environment of high expectations for scholarly achievement and professional preparedness by promoting a culture of student responsibility with supportive accountability. 

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