Online Courses Via Partners

Online Courses Via Partners

Our partnerships with qualified vendors allow us to offer online programs designed to provide training for skills needed in many of today’s high-demand occupations.  The benefits of online study include the flexibility to start and stop when needed and to set your own pace to course completion.  Most classes are supervised by an instructor or mentor who will guide you through the material and answer specific questions you have.  By taking a course through one of our authorized partners, any class you complete will be earned from Winston-Salem State University. 

ProTrain, LLC offers early 500 courses in a wide array of subjects including Business, Computer Applications, Computer Programming, Green Energy, Healthcare, Information Technology, and Skilled Trades.  Education To Go offers over 40 courses in Business, Healthcare, Information Technology, Multimedia, and Skilled Trades.  The Center for Legal Studies offers seven law courses in Research and Writing, Intellectual Property, Investigation, Legal Secretary, Paralegal, Mediation, and Victim Advocacy. 

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