NASO: Non-Traditional Adult Student Organization

NASO: Non-Traditional Adult Student Organization
Established Since 1999
"The Pursuit of Lifelong Learning"

Mission Statement

NASO believes in the empowerment of adult students in the pursuit of lifelong learning. No matter what racial/ethnic background, it is the mission of the organization to encourage all adult students to achieve their full intellectual potential. The charge of the Order is to combine high standards, discipline, and commitment to academics in an effort to promote continuous learning, individualism and creativity. NASO members also stand committed to be responsible to the communities in which we live and work.

Advisor: Myra Reid
Phone: (336) 750-8277
Fax: (336) 750-2636

President: Marion Roberts -

Vice President: Deresa Pace -

Secretary: Stephanie Street -

Treasurer: Lisa Shavers -

Parliamentarian: Talesha Beamon -

Sargent at Arms: Norris Gullick -

Membership Fees: $25.00 per year

Meeting: 2nd Saturday of every month
Location: 206 Carolina Hall

"Celebrating Non-Traditional Students"

We DO get a second chance. The wide range of ages in most evening and weekend classes constantly reminds us that it's never too late to go to school. And even students who did poorly the first time around are likely to succeed as adult students. We truly appreciate our education. Our goals are more defined and practical, so it's easier to see the value of our classes. We have the satisfaction of doing something important for ourselves. At the same time, it will have benefits far beyond us – to our families and communities. We get to experiment. One of the advantages of going to school while holding a job is that we can test the new concepts we're learning in the real world. We can then fine-tune them in a non-threatening classroom environment. We have the opportunity to share the knowledge and experience we've gained in the world with an attentive and appreciative audience. Just think – we may even be in a position to teach the teacher! Education multiplies our career options. It opens doors – some that we hadn't even seen before. It also better prepares us to cope with change.*

*Learning Circle, Issue No. 32, November 6, 2001

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