Student Support Services Mission & Goals


Student Support Services Mission

Student Support Services exists to increase retention and graduation rates of those students enrolled in the program at Winston-Salem State University.  This federally funded program serves individuals who are low income, first-generation college students, and/or those with a documented disability.  The primary focus of the Student Support Services office is to enhance the academic and personal potential of each student by encouraging the completion of his/her field of study.  In addition, Student Support Services creates opportunities for the students to gain knowledge regarding graduate education and are encouraged to pursue graduate programs at Winston-Salem State University and beyond.

Student Support Services Goals

  1. Recruit eligible and focused students for the program.
  2. Increase retention and participation within the program and university.
  3. Collaborate with constituents within the university, community agencies, professionals, and various institutions of higher learning, in an effort, to provide exemplary learning experiences for the students.

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