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Pencil & Paper (Scantron)

"Please note that the Academic Computer Center coordinates the pencil/paper evaluation process."



Pencil-and-paper evaluations are normally administered in class on a day selected by the department or instructor.  Pencil/paper evaluations can be administered for Block I/1st 8-week courses and full-term courses; pencil/paper evaluations are not available for summer courses.  Students need to receive a Scantron sheet, a copy of the Student Rating of Classroom Instruction, and a comment sheet for pencil/paper course evaluation administration.  Forms should be returned to the appropriate departmental staff member, who will then return the Scantron forms to the Academic Computer Center on Collection Day.  Comment sheets should not be sent to the Academic Computer Center.  The Academic Computer Center will process the forms and return them to Academic Affairs, who distribute the reports accordingly.

Best Practices

  • The instructor should not be present while evaluations are being completed.  Select a student to collect the forms and return them to the department office or ask another instructor to monitor your course evaluations.
  • Instructors should explain to the students how course evaluations are used on a personal and professional level.
  • During the class prior to evaluation day, the instructor should mention that course evaluations are happening next class and request that everyone makes an effort to be present.  The announcement gives students time to consider the course and can help improve response rates.

Populating Scantron Sheets

  • Before administration, the instructor/department should bubble in as much of the basic course information on the form as possible.  These fields include instructor name, course ID, section number, semester and year.
  • Only enter the instructor’s last name in the field labeled LASTNAME.  Make sure spelling is consistent for all forms because if the last name is not entered the same on all forms, the sorted order will be incorrect and forms will not be sorted properly.
  • When two or more instructors teach the same course with the same section number, the system will process all of the forms as one course.  In this case, code a different course section for each of the instructors to get individual reports.  The following coding scheme should be used to enter course SECTION information:
Classes/Courses Section Number(s)  Example
Special - Honors Classes                                    9X (91, 92, 99)
Special - Distance Learning (Web Assisted) 8X (81, 82, 89)
Special - Evening/Weekend (Accelerated) 7X (71, 72, 79)
Special - Evening/Weekend (Accelerated)  6X (61, 62, 69)
Reserved (Not Used on forms) 4X - 5X (41, 51, 59)
Regular - Normal Classes                                   0X - 3X (01, 25, 39)

Due to logistics, dates will vary each semester.  Collection data typically occurs on the Tuesday of the last week of class.  For Block I/first 8-week courses, collection day is typically the Tuesday of the last week of the Block I period.

Pencil/paper evaluations are not administered during the summer; as such, there is no pencil/paper timeline or collection day for summer courses.

List of course evaluation dates for the current semester.

Collection Day

The Academic Computer Center establishes a collection day for all Scantron forms to be returned. Collection days are normally the Tuesday of the last week of class.  For end of term courses, collection day occurs from 9:00 AM-6:00 PM in the Academic Computer Center (Elva Jones Computer Science Building, room 1111).  For Block I/first 8 week courses, collection day occurs from 12:00 pm-4:00 pm in the Academic Computer Center.

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