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Team Taught Evaluations

Team-Taught Course Evaluations

Beginning in fall 2012, a team-taught course evaluation can be administered through Digital Measures Course Response.  Due to logistical and data integrity issues, team-taught evaluations are currently only available for a small amount of courses each term.

Faculty members who are interested in having their course(s) complete a team taught course evaluation through Digital Measures Course Response should complete the Team Taught Course Evaluation Sign Up Sheet and return it to Laura R. Crist by Thursday, October 16, 2014.  Additional instructors who are teaching the course should be copied on the email request to Laura Crist.  Due to logistical issues, no late submissions will be accepted.  Availability is limited, so sign up soon!


Common Team-Taught Course Evaluation Questions

Q:  How will students evaluate both me and my colleagues online?
Students will be asked to complete the “Instructor” section of the evaluation for each instructor separately, and they will be asked to complete the “Resources,” “Student” and “General” sections one time.  For more information on what students see, please review the Student’s Guide to Navigating Digital Measures Course Response.

Q.  Will I be able to see my colleagues’ results when I pull my evaluation reports?
No.  Each instructor will be able to see the results to their own instructor section, and they will not be able to see their colleagues’ instructor sections.  Every instructor will be able to access the “Resources,” “Student” and “General” items.

Please note that students have a comment box at the end of each instructor section that asks them to reflect on that particular instructor, and they also have a general comment box at the end of the general section that asks them to reflect on the course as a whole.  If students make comments about you and/or your colleagues in the general comment box, all instructors will be able to access those comments.

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