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WSSU Student Learning Outcomes

General Education  Data Collection for WSSU Student Learning Outcomes

Winston-Salem State University has seven student learning outcomes:  Critical Reading, Critical Thinking, Information Literacy, Oral Communication, Quantitative Literacy, Scientific Literacy, and Written Communication.  The WSSU student learning outcomes are assessed through the general education curriculum and at the major-level.  Data for general education courses are submitted through an online survey while major-level data are stored in TracDat.

Each semester, instructors who teach general education courses are asked to report data on the assignment/artifact they used to assess the student learning outcome in their course(s).  The data will be collected through an online survey.  The spring 2017 data collection period is now open.

For the spring 2017 semester, there will be one survey link.  If you taught more than one class with the same student learning outcome, you should access the link multiple times and report data separately for each unique Course Prefix/Subject Code, Course Number and Section Number (e.g., BIO 1300-01) combination.

To determine if any of your courses were designated as general education, please refer to the current semester's general education course list.  Then, click the link below to complete the survey.

WSSU Student Learning Outcomes General Education Survey


  • The link can be accessed multiple times.
  • Data should be reported separately for each unique Course Prefix/Subject Code, Course Number and Section Number (e.g., BIO 1300-01) combination.
  • If you team taught a course (i.e., a unique Course Prefix/Subject Code, Course Number and Section Number), please communicate with your colleague(s) and report data once for the course.
  • For each learning component listed on the rubric template, please report the number of students who performed at each performance level.
  • If you were unable to collect data for any of the learning components being assessed, leave the performance level boxes associated with the particular learning component(s) blank.  Zeros should be used if you collected data on the learning component, but no students scored at that particular performance level.
  • If you would like to keep a copy of the data you submit, please take a screenshot of the survey page.  Remember that if you navigate back into the survey, any data you had entered on later pages will not be saved.

Student Learning Outcomes

A list of degree programs and corresponding student learning outcomes can be found in the Winston-Salem State University academic catalogs. This information is provided to meet UNC’s Strategic Directions goals. 

Please contact the Office of Institutional Assessment and Research at 336-750-8036 if you have any questions.

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