Assessment and Research

WebFOCUS Request

Information requests are now being submitted through RAMTech.  You may also access RamTech and submit a new WebFOCUS Request, by following the instructions below:

1. Click or copy-and-paste this link into a web browser: RAMTech Support Portal.


   go to the Faculty and Staff page and click on “RAMTech” in the right hand navigation beneath
   “Applications” if the above link will not work.

2. Enter your WSSU username and password.  Click “Submit.”

3. Select “4.  Request a WebFOCUS Report.”

4. Leave “Category” as the default of “9. Reports.”  Leave the “Sub Category” as the default
    “Ramport” and the “Request Detail” as the default “New Report Request.”

5. Fill in all other relevant information.  Please include as much of the following as possible in the
    “Detailed Description” text box:

  • Data Fields desired
  • The semester, year, etc. for which you would like information
  • The population for which you want this information
  • The date you would like to receive this information

6.  Attach any relevant documents.

7.  Click “Submit.”

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