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Adverse /Inclement Weather

WSSU strives to remain open in all weather conditions. Faculty and staff are expected to use personal judgment concerning travel safety when weather is inclement. In the event of extreme weather conditions, WSSU will communicate operating status through local radio and television stations.

Tornado / Severe Thunderstorms

Watch: A tornado or severe thunderstorm watch means that tornadoes and severe thunderstorms are possible.

Warning: A tornado / severe thunderstorm warning means that a tornado or severe thunderstorm has actually been sighted somewhere in the warning area.

If a tornado is sighted approaching the campus:

  1. Go to the basement or interior hallway on the lowest floor if time permits. Otherwise, go to an inside wall of your classroom or office, as far away from doors and windows as possible.
  2. Avoid auditoriums, gymnasiums or other structures with wide, free-span roofs.
  3. Take shelter underneath your desk or any heavy furniture available.
  4. Assume a curled position to protect your head and eyes.  

Hurricane Preparedness

Take the following steps to protect yourself, loved ones and your belongings.

  1. All furniture, including beds, should be pulled away from windows. All electronic equipment should be placed off the floor, preferably in a closet.
  2. Since floors can get wet, all articles such as shoes, rugs, clothes, bags, suitcases, etc., should be placed on closet shelves or in dresser drawers.
  3. Papers, books, school supplies, etc. should be put inside desks or dressers.
  4. Valuables should be placed in lockable closets or drawers and secured throughout a hurricane. All doors should be locked when occupants are not in the room or apartment.
  5. All students should fill several small containers with water for drinking. Those students who live in facilities that have bathtubs should clean the tub and fill it halfway. If the hurricane is a major storm, water supply may be cut off. If this is the case, the water in the tubs will be needed for washing and flushing the toilets.
  6. All windows must be closed tightly. In those facilities where venetian blinds are provided, the blinds should be RAISED all the way to the top. Where shutters are provided, these shutters should be closed in all rooms.
  7. Any student who owns a car should insure that the emergency brake is set and that the car is in reverse gear or park. All windows should be closed and the car locked. Be certain to fill the gas tank. Gas pumps cannot work if a power failure occurs.
  8. Students should provide their own flashlights in case of power failure. Do not use candles or other flammable lighting under any circumstances; fire is uncontrollable during a hurricane.
  9. Students should have snack food items, such as crackers, cookies, peanuts, etc. Food service on campus will be available as long as possible, but students should plan for an emergency by having non-perishable items available. Do not plan to travel off campus after a storm since transportation may not be possible.

 Procedures DURING a Hurricane

  1. It is essential that all students stay indoors throughout the entire hurricane. Residents must not leave their living units until directed to do so by the residence hall staff. During the peak of the storm for maximum protection, it is suggested that students close room or bedroom doors and remain in hallways and/or living rooms.
  2. Students should remain away from dangerous areas, such as the glass windows and doors in the lobby areas of the residence halls or the living rooms of apartments.
  3. Do not attempt to open windows or doors to see what is happening outside. Wind currents are especially strong near high-rise buildings.
  4. On-campus students should report all accidents, injuries, broken windows, or excessive water to your Resident Assistant or the reception desk of your residential college or apartment area.
  5. Telephone calls should be made only in case of emergency.
  6. Keep in mind that everything is calm when the eye of the storm passes overhead. Do not venture outside, as the second half of the storm will follow shortly.
  7. On-campus residents may not use fire stairs to go to an adjacent floor, and elevators will be shut off. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GO OUTSIDE.
  8. During the storm, a "state of emergency" exists. As a result, alcoholic beverages or other substances that impair judgment are prohibited.

Preparation PRIOR to a Hurricane Saves lives.

Additional information will be supplied to students in the residence halls by the residence halls staff as specifics of a storm situation are determined.

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