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Serious Illness / Injury

Serious Injury or Illness

Steps you need to take if someone is seriously ill or injured.

  1. Call 911 and Campus Police at 336-750-2900, giving your name, location, and telephone number. Give as much information as possible regarding the nature of the illness or injury.  Pertinent information would include how many victims, is the area safe, whether or not the victim(s) is conscious, bleeding, etc.
  2. Do not move a seriously injured person unless there is a life-threatening situation or the area is unsafe and would be potentially more harmful to the victim(s).
  3. Return to the victim(s). Keep the victim(s) as calm and comfortable as possible. Remain with the victim until Campus Police and/or EMS arrive.
  4. If the injured person(s) is an employee, initiate reporting procedures as directed by your department head or supervisor.  

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