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Terrorism Preparedness Message

Terrorist Attacks

We have all been hearing about the potential for a terrorist attack in the United States. While there have been no specific threats against Winston-Salem or Winston-Salem State University, we need to be aware of steps we can take to prevent an attack or to respond to an attack that does take place. Following are guidelines for preparing for a terrorist attack.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

  • Report any suspicious person immediately to the Public Safety Department, at either 336-750-2900 or 750-2911.
  • Report unattended backpacks or bags, suspicious packages, spills, or smells immediately to the Public Safety Department at either 336-750-2900 or 336-750-2911.
  • Keep building doors and windows locked when the building is closed. Report any buildings that are not secured to the Public Safety Department, at either 336-750-2900 or 336-750-2911.

Be Prepared

  • If an explosion occurs, if you notice an apparent chemical spill of unknown origin, if you smell a suspicious odor, or if people near you become suddenly sick, call the Public Safety Department immediately at 336-750-2900.
  • The campus community will be notified by mass e-mail and voicemail if a terrorist attack occurs.
  • If you are notified that a terrorist attack has taken place, go indoors, close windows and doors and remain inside until told it is safe to leave. Do not exit a building to go to your vehicle and leave campus. Do not call family or friends to come to campus to pick you up. You could be exposing yourself or your family and friends to toxic gases or other materials.
  • Contact one family member to report that you are safe, and make the call short as the campus telephone lines will need to remain free for emergency communications. Do not call many family members and friends and tie up telephone lines.
  • Tell your family WSSU’s plan is to shelter everyone on campus and make a family emergency communication plan.  If necessary, make a plan for backup care of children or other family members needing assistance if you must remain on campus.
  • If you are at home and hear that there has been a terrorist attack on the WSSU campus, do not come to campus until the University announces it is safe to do so.
  • The Public Safety Department will call the appropriate law enforcement, fire and/or health agency to respond, assess the situation and provide advice on when it is safe to resume normal activities, whether areas need to be roped off or quarantined, etc.


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