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Safety Tips

Safety and security on campus is a team effort. You can assist in maintaining a safe campus environment by avoiding risky behaviors. Following are some key safety tips for resident students, non-resident students, employees, and visitors. For additional safety information, please consult the WSSU Annual Security Report, available online from the Department of Public Safety Home Page or in printed form from the Department, the Admissions Office, the Employment Office, or the Library.

Vehicular Safety

If you bring a vehicle to campus, lock it and safeguard your keys. When approaching your vehicle always look under, around, and inside to make certain no one is hiding. If your vehicle will not start or otherwise malfunctions, be wary of accepting assistance from a stranger who just happens to be in the area. This person may have sabotaged your vehicle in the first place. If you find that your vehicle will not start or you have locked your keys inside, call the Department of Public Safety by dialing 750-2900 or use an emergency callbox. Someone will come to your location and assist you.

Property Safety

While on campus, do not leave your possessions lying around unattended, especially in the library or eating areas. A backpack or purse further away than the length of your arm is unattended. Do not leave expensive items exposed inside your parked vehicle. Lock such items in the trunk.

Personal Safety

If you are on campus after dark, do not walk alone. If you are not with a group, call the Public Safety Department for an escort. Never impair your judgment or ability to think clearly by using alcohol or drugs. Report any suspicious conditions to the police by dialing 750-2900 or by using a call box.

Resident Students

  • Lock your room at all times, even if you anticipate being gone for just a minute.
  • Report lost keys immediately and get replacements.
  • Do not leave the room unlocked because you or your roommate have lost the door key.
  • Never prop open the building exterior doors.
  • Do not let strangers enter a residence hall behind you when you open the door to let yourself in the building.

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