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Classification and Compensation

The Position Management unit at Winston-Salem State University (WSSU) is responsible for developing classification and compensation programs, policies, and approaches that meet the unique needs of our academic and business units as they attract, retain, motivate, develop, classify and organize their diverse work forces.   As a partner with the university community, the manager of position management must first understand its role as it relates to this position and services it will provide.  This position will assist in developing and facilitating solutions as it relates to:

  • Providing position design consultation to management
  • Developing and/or revising compensation and rewards philosophies
  • Resolving solutions within the scope of statutory requirements
  • Applying established job analysis procedures and documentation to support classification recommendations
  • Applying and interpreting HR policy affecting position management
  • Conducting occupational or job series studies to include reviewing labor market trends and analysis
  • Participating in various compensation surveys
  • Delivering up-to-date decision support research, analysis, data, tools and structures related to compensation and classification
  • Updating job families competencies in compensation and classification related matters
  • Auditing units within the university for legal, fair and equitable compensation practices
  • Maintaining the University’s classification structures by monitoring statewide classification and compensation trends as it relates to labor market considerations.

All positions (SHRA and EHRA non-faculty) must be established/reclassified by Human Resources before any hiring transaction can be processed.  A Personnel Budget Action Form (PBAF) and supporting documents must be used to establish all position types - staff, faculty, student, both salaried and wage.


All personnel actions are now initiated in the Position Management Module in PeopleAdmin.

Classification - involves a consistent method of evaluating a job (a set of duties and responsibilities) for purposes of assigning a title, FLSA classification and a pay range.

Compensation - demonstrates knowledge of compensation concepts, principles, and practices, including pay structures and compensation philosophy.

Career Progression Adjustment - A salary adjustment within the salary range of the banded class to which an employee is assigned. Advancement through the pay band is a non- competitive process. Salary adjustments may be awarded (but are not mandatory) to recognize progression through the competency structure, the assumptions of additional duties and responsibilities, and/or market factors. Salary adjustments will be justified based on competencies (knowledge, skills, and abilities), increase in job duties and responsibilities, and internal equity.

Establish A New Position - All personnel actions are now initiated in PeopleAdmin, starting with the vacancy review requests (VRC). All requests for position establishment, position changes, and salary adjustments should be submitted.

Position Review Process - To modify a position (establish/reclassify) the information must be entered into PeopleAdmin.

The formal review includes a job analysis of three primary classification factors:

·  Complexity of Work: Difficulty of tasks; scope and range of assignments; knowledge, skills    
   and abilities; and nature of contacts.
·  Results: The impact of actions; effect of services; and consequences of error.
·  Accountability: Leadership; judgment and decision-making; and independence of action.

In some instances requests will be referred to the Office of State Human Resources as required by our delegated authority.  Position descriptions of work, role description, and competencies. In many cases, clarification of a request and/or additional information may be necessary to complete the review. Based on the analysis, HR Compensation Management will determine the appropriate role title and pay band, following which a determination is made.

Request A Job Review - An informal procedure in which a classification analyst meets with the employee and their supervisor to discuss the position’s current responsibilities, to gather detailed information about the job and to help the classification analyst assess significant changes in positions. Job audits are generally conducted with the following objectives:

· To clarify/verify the duties and reporting relationships
· To see first hand the work process and the department operation
· To allow the employee and supervisor the opportunity to expand on the duties
   and responsibilities of the position if needed

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