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Winston-Salem State University's Employee Relations handles information about a variety of subjects and resources that inform and facilitate a positive employment relationship. It is the policy of Winston-Salem State University to provide a means of communication between supervisors and employees and to establish principles of administration to assure a prompt response to an employee’s grievance.​​

Winston-Salem State University​ is an "equal employment opportunity employer", committed to the principle of equal and fair treatment of all applicants regardless of race, color, religion, sex, disability or national origin.

Winston-Salem State University adheres to an Affirmative Action Plan designed to insure that all present and prospective employees of the University can be assured of equal and fair treatment, in not only recruitment and hiring, but also in promotion, demotion, transfer, layoff, termination or selection for training and development.

The Department of Human Resources and the Affirmative Action Office will assure compliance with Federal and State regulations governing Equal Employment Opportunity. Winston-Salem State University believes strongly that these actions are in the best interests of the University, our employees, our community and our nation.

For more information on NC employee relations please visit the OSHR Employee Relations page. 

  • The warning must be in writing and state that it is a warning.
  • Describe the specific conduct or performance that is the reason for the warning.
  • Describe/list the specific performance or conduct improvements that must be made.
  • State the time within which the employee must show improved performance or conduct. The maximum time frame is 60 days for unacceptable job performance and immediately for grossly unacceptable job performance or unacceptable personal conduct.
  • State the consequences of failing to make the required improvements/corrections.
  • Inform the employee of any appeal rights provided by university policy or state law.

1. Contact Human Resources to review situation

2. Determine if a policy in the State Personnel Manual has been violated.

3. Determine if Personal Conduct or Job Performance

4. Check employees record to determine disciplinary action that is still in force.

5. If discipline is appropriate, prepare the letter of warning per attached guidelines from State
    Personnel Manual.

6. Complete the Disciplinary Action Report.

7. Obtain all required signatures.

8. Meet with employee to discuss problem and to discuss the proper way the employee should
    be handling the problem situation.

9. Written warnings are not grievable.

1. Contact Human Resources to review situation.

2. Determine if a policy in the State Personnel Manual has been violated.

3. Determine if Personal Conduct or Job Performance.

4. Check employees disciplinary record to determine disciplinary action that is still in force.

5. Prepare a pre-disciplinary letter to the employee.

6. Meet with the employee. Discuss the situation. Tell them the action that is being considered.

NOTE: At least one workday must pass before action can be taken after pre-disciplinary conference.

7. If decision is made to pursue action:

    1. Prepare letter per attached State Personnel Manual guidelines.
    2. Compete the Disciplinary Action Report -- copy attached.
    3. Obtain all signatures.
    4. Meet with employee.
    5. If employee is not present send letter certified and regular u.s. mail.
    6. Dismissal, demotion and suspension without pay are grievable.

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