Institutional Procedures

Students complete an Accommodations Request Form and provide supporting documentation from a licensed professional.

A written narrative must be submitted on letterhead. Included information must be specific to this student and not a generic statement concerning the diagnosis. This written report can be brief but must adequately support each accommodation recommended and must include:

  1. A full description of the current difficulties and functional limitations in an educational setting;
  2. When first diagnosed and whether disability is temporary (estimated duration), episodic (estimated length of episodes and frequency), or permanent;
  3. Information about how medication and/or other corrective measures may correct the impairment. Please include whether or not accommodations will be needed when utilizing medication or other corrective measures;
  4. Activities or situations that should be avoided or would present a current significant risk of serious injury or death for this student or others;
  5. Whether this student is currently a danger to himself / herself or others (Explain);
  6. A clear and convincing rationale for each requested accommodation based on the degree of impact of the impairment and the resulting functional limitations.

The Disability Services Office will make the final determination about the adequacy of disability documentation.  All documentation is kept confidential.  Once a decision has been made, students are contacted.

Some types of documentation are INSUFFICIENT:

  • IEP (Individual Educational Plans) and 504 Plans, although providing information about a student's educational experiences, are not sufficient documentation to deem the student eligible for services and accommodations at this level.
  • Documentation consisting only of a diagnosis, case or chart notes, and/or prescription notations is insufficient to qualify students for services and accommodations.

In cases where the documentation is incomplete, students will be required to submit additional information.

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