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Office of Contracts and Grants

Table of Contents


Assignment of Contract and Grant Fund Numbers


Award Monitoring and Fund Reconciliation


Preparing Budget and Expenditure Reports


Overruns and Cost Disallowances


Budget Revisions, Transfer and Adjustments


Deposits to Contract and Grant Banner Funds


Certification of Time and Effort Reporting


Financial Reporting to Sponsoring Agencies


Cost Sharing and Matching Funds Report


Incentive Payments and Compensation

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Anatasia Polk-Bethea
(School of Education, Title III, Community Safety)

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Winston-Salem State encourages the involvement of University personnel in seeking both federal and non-federal funds for sponsored research, training, and public service projects. These projects provide an opportunity for the faculty to extend themselves beyond the classroom and gain experience that can be utilized in their teaching and writing.

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is charged with the responsibility of distributing available information on grants, assisting in the preparation of grant applications, and monitoring the programmatic requirements.

In accepting funds from outside agencies, the institution must take steps to ensure that the institution maintains control of research, instruction, and public service activities. Because many agencies attach stringent regulations directing and limiting the activities for which they provide funding, the institution must safeguard its own assets by having in place check and balances adhering to and following state guidelines and regulations.

The Office of Grants and Contracts (C&G) is a department within the division of Finance and Administration. This office provides assistance with the fiscal matters dealing with project administration. This includes providing budgetary advice during proposal preparation, as well as the financial management of the funds awarded to the University to ensure compliance with direct and indirect cost. Permanent files maintained by the office are monthly, quarterly and final financial statements; a copy of the proposal, original budget, if applicable, original award, amendments, if applicable, prior approval notices, and any other correspondence relative to the fiscal management of the grant. Depending upon the terms of a grant, Banner Funds are setup as either restricted or unrestricted, but must be in accordance with applicable guidance documents such as OMB Circular A-21.

Quick Reference to Contracts & Grants Post Award Processes

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