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  Proposed Student Center, WSSU

Student Activities Center: View from MLK, Jr. Drive
Architects: Woolpert/Moody-Nolan

Services Provided:

Facilities Design and Construction (FDC) is responsible for administering the planning, design and construction of most university projects completed by contractors. FDC is also responsible for the implementation of the University's Physical Master Plan. Likewise, FDC is responsible for providing guidelines and direction for all architectural (exterior and interior) issues involving University facilities.

The types of projects that require the involvement of FDC:

  • Major Building Renovations:
    • (architectural and building systems renovations)
    • repairs to campus roads and parking lots
    • repairs to campus utility systems
  • Construction of New Facilities
  • Engineering studies
  • Space planning studies

How do I obtain services from FDC ?

For engineering and space planning studies, please submit an Online Service Request form.

For Major Repairs and Renovations: Are defined as repairs and upgrades of buildings and building space that are too costly to handle through the normal operating budget. To request a Major Repairs and Renovation project, please follow this procedure:  
  1. Requester submits an Online Service Request form describing the type of work, size and location of the area.
  2. Funding source(s) must be identified on the Online Service Request form. If the funding source is not identified the request for service will be returned to the originator and the project will not get initiated.
  3. If the project requested will change the utilization of space or will impact the building infrastructure the requester must submit a letter including a brief description of the project and a brief justification of the need of the project to the Chair of the Space Planning Committee.
  4. Projects that do not change utilization of space or impact the building infrastructure do not require approval by the Space Planning Committee (Chair is the Provost).
  5. Projects that cost less than $300,000 will be handled as informal projects. Once funding is identified, the duration of informal projects depend on the project complexity. For planning purposes please use the following guidelines:
    • For projects under $30,000 = 12 weeks
    • For projects between $30,000 and $60,000 = 16 weeks
    • For projects between $60,000 and $100,000= 20 weeks
    • For projects between $100,000 and $500,000= 40 weeks
  6. Projects that cost $500,000 or more are required by North Carolina State Statues to be handled as formal capital improvements projects. After funding is identified , the process for a capital improvement project will include the following steps:

    • Facility Investigation
    • Project Programming
    • Project Design
    • Review by NC Department of Insurance
    • Review by NC State Construction Office (projects over $2,000,000)
    • Bid Project to Qualified Contractors
    • Award of Construction Contract(s)
    • Construction Start and Completion
    • Final Inspection and Acceptance
    Depending on the scope of the project, the duration of the project from inception to occupancy is at least one year.

For New Facility Planning and Construction

When existing facilities do not provide adequate accommodations in support of the programs housed or new programs and renovating the existing space is not feasible, then the following procedures for requesting new facilities must be implemented.

  1. Requester submits a letter and justification to his or her vice chancellor for approval.
  2. If request is approved by the vice chancellor, it is submitted by the Vice Chancellor to the Campus Space Planning Committee for approval.
  3. The Campus Space Planning Committee submits recommendations to the Chancellor for approval.
  4. If approved by the Chancellor, the Director of Engineering, Planning and Development will develop with the users a building program and cost estimate for a capital improvements budget submission.

The project sequence and procedures follow the steps of a Capital Improvement Project described above. Duration of the project will vary based on complexity and scope. For planning purposes, the design phase will take one year and construction one year, for a total project duration of two years.

How do I obtain a status report on a project?

Please contact (336) 750-2882

FDC Staff Directory
Name Telephone
Main Number 336.750.2882
Rosalba Ledezma, PE, DIRECTOR 336.750.3494
Donna Presnell, NCIDQ, LEED® AP 336.750.2884
Ronald Vanard, RA, NCARB 336.750.2852
Nasser Massry, PE, MSCE, GC 336.750.2877
Richard Kabis, PE 336.750.2870
Fax Number 336.750.2871

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