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Disbursements Services

The primary purpose of the Disbursement Services unit is to pay vendor invoices, employee reimbursements and travel expenditures efficiently and accurately. A high level of knowledge and accuracy is demanded in the processing of disbursements so that overpayments, underpayments, and late fees do not occur and contribute to audit findings.

Transactions originate within departments, normally flow through Purchasing and end with Disbursement Services. Therefore Disbursement Services is the last line of defense of any improper payments or changes to the departmental accounts. Disbursement Services personnel work closely with departmental representatives, Cashier's Office, Purchasing Office, Budget Office and other personnel to ensure that disbursements are processed according to NC state guidelines in the BANNER system.

Questions regarding payment of purchase orders, check requests, wire transfers, and personal service contracts should be directed to the Disbursements Services Office. Every effort is made to pay all invoices and obligations promptly when due.

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