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The Disbursements Services Office has responsibility for the review and disbursement of the University's funds in accordance with its policies and procedures. The Disbursements Services staff processes invoices from external vendors as well as travel payments to faculty and staff.

Please note that prior to forwarding payment requests to Disbursements Services for processing, ALL requisitions and check requests are submitted to Purchasing Services for approval.

Travel disbursements are governed by General Statutes 138.5, 138.6 and 138.7. These regulations establish the maximum per diem transportation and subsistence allowance for in-state, out-of-state and out-of-country travel.

Disbursements Services uses a 10% tolerance over or under the original purchase order for paying invoices. If a change is made to the original order or if the order exceeds the 10% tolerance, the Department will need to submit a change order to Purchasing Services.

External and internal customers are to expect a ten-business day turnaround from when paperwork is received in Disbursement Services to when a check is available for distribution (including travel requests). The ten-business day turnaround allows the Financial Services Department sufficient time to requisition state funds if necessary.

Please note that if you receive a memorandum from Disbursements Services requesting that a specific action be taken against an invoice or purchase order, please expedite the request immediately to avoid delays in processing the payment.

Once checks are processed and available for pickup, Disbursement Services will forward an email notification to the requester or to the approved designee. Students are not allowed to pick-up checks.

Introduction to Disbursement Services

Disbursement Services Travel Expense Procedures

Change in Mileage Rate Effective January 1, 2014

Questions regarding payment of purchase orders, check requests, wire transfers, and personal service contracts should be directed to the Disbursements Services Office. Every effort is made to pay all invoices and obligations promptly when due.

Accounts Payable StaffArea of ResponsibilityContact Information
Judy L. Cooley Disbursement Services Director 336.750.2732
Tracey J. Harper PO Invoice Processor 336.750.2002
Kathleen N. Hurley Non-PO Invoice Processor 336.750.2239
Kerri F. Jordan Travel Audit Officer 336.750.2745
Donna W. Morris Disbursement Account 336.750.2803

Office Location: 1604A/B Lowery Street
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Fax: (336) 750-8894

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