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Voucher Request Process

Books can be priced in the bookstore or online. Parking decals can be priced online or with Campus Police. To qualify for vouchers students must satisfy three conditions. To determine if the qualifications are satisfied, follow the steps below.

From BANNER Rams Online, select the Student tab, select Online Book Voucher Request or Online Parking Voucher.

  1. Have an available CREDIT from financial aid posted to the student account either as a credit balance or a pending credit from Authorized Aid. The maximum amount for book vouchers is $650.00. Amounts exceeding $650.00 must be approved by Financial Aid. 
  2. Have a TITLE IV AUTHORIZATION FORM on file with Student Accounts and updated in BANNER. The forms are available online at Students Accounts or in the office, 200 Thompson Center. Completed forms can be faxed to 336-750- 2811. Once the forms have been received and the information updated on your student account, the request for book vouchers can be resubmitted. The Authorization is valid until graduation or rescinded by sending a written request to the Student Account Office.
  3. Class schedule for the current term must be VALIDATED. Schedules can be validated online through Banner Rams Online. If the schedule is not validated click on the link, “Click Here To Validate”. This will give access to BANNER RAMS. If there is a pending credit from Financial Aid, click the gray bar (CLICK HERE TO VALIDATE).

    Once the schedule has been validated you can proceed with your voucher request.

    1. Select the Student Tab and then select either Online Book Voucher Request or Parking Voucher and followed the online steps.
    2. Once the request has been completed, Log Off the screen. Failure to logoff may result in duplicate charges on the student account.
    3. The student account will be charged for the voucher. The Ram Card Office will download the information from the student account. The requested amount will update on the Ram One Account. PLEASE NOTE: The Ram Card Office updates hourly. Expect at least an hour’s delay before your Ram Card will be activated for the purchases.
    4. Book Vouchers can only be used at WSSU Bookstore and Parking Vouchers with Campus Police.
    5. Once the transfer has occurred, Student Accounts will not have access to the funds and all questions will be directed to the Ram Card Office, 203 Thompson Center.

Distance Learners Note: Activation of a book vouchers causes an increment of the $10.00 RAMcard technology fee. Contact Students Accounts via to activate the account.

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