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Better Pricing

The State allows the University to purchase items on state contracts from non-contract vendors if we are purchasing the same or similar item at a lower price.

When making a purchase from a non-contract vendor because the price is lower or better, and you are using a purchase order or the purchasing card:

  • Write the name of at least one contract vendor and price of the item(s), address it as "Contract Vendor" then attached to requisition."
  • Logically, this price will be higher and will be used as your support for making the purchase in the event it is questioned.

When making a purchase that is over $5000, Purchasing Services will handle the transaction for you. Provide the contact information of the preferred vendor and cost of the item to Purchasing.

State Term Contract

A State Term Contract is an agreement with specific vendors, which permits state agencies to purchase specific goods and/or services, at a predetermined price or discount, for a defined period of time. When appropriate, please use state contracts. However, if better or lower pricing is available, please follow the guidelines shown elsewhere on this page.

Goods and services from state contract vendors: - these vendors will generally offer better pricing because the combined purchasing power of the state is used for pricing consideration. State term contract items may be researched from the state's site (term contract listing), which is hosted by the State Division of Purchase and Contract. Specifications, qualified product lists, and approved term contract vendors are found on this site.

Information technology (IT) goods and services from state contract vendors: - for the same reasons given above, these vendors will generally offer better prices. The IT site (Information Technology) for term contracts is hosted by the State’s Office on Information Technology Services.

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