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Medical Enrollment Guidelines

Benefits Enrollment

Generally, there are three times when you can enroll in or may be able to change your benefits elections at the University:

  • as a newly hired or newly eligible faculty or staff member after experiencing a qualified job or family status change during annual enrollment
  • You have a 30 day window from the date of your event (i.e. new hire, job or qualified family status change) to enroll, unless specified otherwise. It is to your advantage to enroll in each benefit plan as soon as you are eligible.

Enrollment Opportunities

If you are newly hired, you will make your benefits elections online, which is accessed by logging onto the University's Enrollment Websites (see links below for State Health Plan and NCFlex). If you are enrolling in any of the University Benefit Plans, print and complete the forms and return them to Benefits Services.

If you are a current employee and have experienced a life event or job status change, please review the Life Events section of our Web site for information about benefit plan changes and other things to consider.

Effective Date of Your Benefit Elections

For the following benefits plans, coverage begins on the first of the month following your hire date or change in job/family status, if you enroll within 30 days of that date.

Please note:
There have been changes to Plan enrollment following the ratification of House Bill 1085 on June 29, 2012. Most importantly, there was a change clarifying the rules under which members can enroll in the Plan.

Members who do not elect to enroll themselves or dependents on the Plan when first eligible within 30 days of hire will not be allowed to enroll in the Plan unless they experience a qualifying event or during Annual Enrollment.

There will be no exceptions to this rule. Please remember, whether employees enroll through BEACON or eBenefitsNow, they are encouraged to print the confirmation page upon completion of enrollment. This rule emphasizes the importance of new hires enrolling in a timely manner and the consequences that will follow with failure to elect coverage within 30 days (possible gap in coverage, unable to enroll in the Plan until the next Annual Enrollment period, etc.).

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