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Retirement - Table of contents

You may choose between:

North Carolina Teachers' and State Employees' Retirement System (TSERS), a defined benefit plan


UNC Optional Retirement Program (ORP), a defined contribution plan

You must make your choice between TSERS and ORP within 60 days of your date of hire. Once you make the choice it cannot be changed; it is irrevocable. Failure to select either TSERS or ORP within 60 days will result in automatic enrollment in TSERS.

The booklet, "Choosing a Retirement Plan," contains information that will assist in your selection between TSERS and ORP.

Teachers and State Employee Retirement System - A Defined Benefit Plan

Optional Retirement Plan - A Defined Contribution Plan

Phased Retirement

Winston-Salem State University provides eligible full-time tenured faculty members the opportunity to participate in the University of North Carolina Phased Retirement Program. Eligible faculty can use this program to make an orderly transition to retirement through half-time (or equivalent) service for a predetermined period in return for half-time compensation. The following page will provide you with information, policies, forms and contact information about this program.

Explanation of Deductions and Benefits for Phased Retirement

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