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Attention People Admin Users!

The WSSU current employment application system, People Admin Version 5.8, will soon be a thing of the past … replaced with an upgraded Version 7 as of May 2015. We are indebted to our People Admin Project Team, who worked diligently and included many other campus representatives to gather information on system configuration, and to implement testing, ensuring that the upgraded system best suits our current needs. The project team also worked with a pilot group of campus representatives to further assess system friendliness and usability. We appreciate the time and attention to details required of our project team.

Here is what to expect: 

Position Management and Personnel Budget Action Forms (PBAF): By popular demand, this process upgrade includes a new electronic/paperless feature for personnel and budget transactions. Now, the Position Management module not only serves as a warehouse for job descriptions, but completely replaces the “paper” Personnel Budget Action Form and eliminates the need for scanning, which was previously required in Version 5.8.

Access to the new system requires training! System access will not be permitted prior to completion of a hands-on training session.  Hands-on training will include applicant tracking, position management, and more.  Frequent session dates, times, locations, and registration for training will be posted on our Eventbrite page


Once the People Admin upgrade is complete and the University goes live with our new system, access to the old (5.8) system will be disabled. However, access can and may be granted (on an as-needed basis) to allow for “open/unfinished” actions initiated in the old 5.8 version.  This site should be accessed for historical purposes ONLY and no new actions should be completed here, with the following exception: You may finish processing any applicants or Postings already in progress and then move your posting(s) to “Filled.”

The hiring manager is the employee who requested a new position to be filled or an employee to fill an open job. The hiring manager is typically the employee to whom the new employee will report when hired. The hiring manager is a key member of your employee recruitment team.

As the initiator of a position, or the need for an employee, the hiring manager is the head of the employee selection team. He or she is the employee who works with Human Resources to fill the open position through every step of the organization's hiring process. Starting with the recruiting planning meeting, the hiring manager participates in every aspect of the employee recruitment. The hiring manager reviews incoming resumes and applications.

The hiring manager is always important in the hiring decision. This role is another example of the responsibilities that come with the position title of manager within an organization.

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