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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply for staff positions?

You must complete a North Carolina State Application (PD-107). A resume' will not be accepted in lieu of the completed application.

Do I have to complete an application if a resume is submitted?

Yes, a state application is required for consideration for a job, even for internal applicants. A resume may be attached with the application.

How long is my application kept on file?

Your application remains with the specific vacancy pool for which you applied. When the position is filled it is achieved. You will need to submit a new application for any future vacancy of interest. You can apply for up to three (3) positions on an application.

How often is your web site job posting updated?

The employment opportunities page is updated weekly.

Will a criminal conviction eliminate me from employment?

No, however it is important that you disclosed and conviction you may have on the employment application.

Which employees must complete a Form I-9?

All employees must complete a Form I-9 within three working days of the new employee's hire date. The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 requires that all employees verify employment eligibility of employees.


Do I perform an Interim Review for a probationary employee?

No. When an employee completes their probation period, a final review is conducted. This is not to say that an on going coaching and tracking should not be performed.

What do I need to do to come of probation?

In order to come off probation, an employee needs to have a performance rating of "Good" or better at the end of their probationary period. The probationary period is a minimum of ninety days to a maximum of nine months.

How long do I have to create a work plan for a new employee?

Probationary employees should have a position description and work plan established and discussed within 30 calendar days from the date of employment.


What is an Interim Review?

The Interim Review is a mid point checking during the evaluation period. It is an opportunity for the supervisor to give feedback to an employee in his or her performance at that point in the evaluation work cycle. Each supervisor provides summary feedback on the employees work plan. If an employee has any performance deficiencies, they should be addressed at this time with a development plan.

When are Interim Reviews to be completed?

Interim reviews should be face-to-face between the supervisor and employee. These meetings are conducted between December 1st and January 15th of each year.

When are performance appraisal completed?

Performance appraisals are conducted between April 1st and May 15th of each year. The supervisor and employee meet to discuss the employee's performance during the entire work cycle. Actual results and ratings are entered into the Performance Management Plan (PMP) for each key responsibility and each dimension on the Work Plan. Also entered in the PMP are overall ratings and supervisor's comments. Employees are able to respond in writing to the overall rating at the end of the evaluation period. The current year's PMP is due May 31st.


How do I find out about the training and development courses offered by the department of Human Resources?

The Department of Human Resources publishes a Staff Training and Development calendar each semester and distributes them to each employee via the website. A printed copy is available in the Human Resources office.

Do I need approval from my supervisor to attend a training program?

Yes. Employee should discuss training interest with his/her supervisor. The supervisor's consent allows an employee to participate in a training program during work hours. The training is free and offered at convenient dates and times.

What is the deadline for registering for a training workshop?

Participants must register for a training workshop at least one business day prior to the program start date. Registration is on a first come, first served basis, and early registration is encouraged to secure a seat. A class may be canceled or rescheduled if there is little to no interest in the course via registration.

How do I register for a training program?

Employees can register via Human Resources website.

Class registration deadlines are no later than 1 business day prior to the class, to assist instructors in preparation (i.e. number of students).

Walk-ins can attend on a first-come, first served basis and contingent upon room capacity/set-up, availability of materials, etc. Admission of walk-ins will be determined by the instructor.

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