Human Resources

HR Banner FAQ

Human Resources Banner FAQ

  1. Why Banner? According to the Banner mission statement: The project is dedicated to implementing a fully integrated technology-based solution that will improve administrative processes and efficiencies and deliver an improved and expanded set of self-service applications for all WSSU constituencies. It will be the catalyst for developing a structured and managed framework for change at the University.
  2. What is Banner? Banner is a higher education software system. Banner will be part of all university functions including, human resources, admissions and finance. "Employee" Banner impacts WSSU employees most directly and enables employees more access to personal information, benefit information (coming soon), and leave information (coming soon).
  3. What is a Banner ID? A Banner ID is a unique number assigned to each employee and/or student. The Banner ID replaces the social security number as a unique identifier.  HINT:  It's your 940****** employee/student identification number.
  4. How do I get a Banner ID? Banner ID's are assigned during Employee orientation.
  5. What if I forget my Banner ID? If you forget your Banner ID send an email to Cynthia Cunningham ( or call her at 336-750-8910.
  6. How do I enter Banner Employee Self-Serve? Click on "Rams On Line" link on WSSU website - Banner Rams Online
  7. How do I enter Banner Employee Self-Serve for the first time? If it is the first time you have accessed Banner, use your birth date, MMDDYY, as your PIN number. As soon as you are logged in, you will be asked to change to a PIN number of your choosing (ALL NUMBERS). You will also be requested to set a security question and answer. Carefully remember your chosen PIN because you will need it each time you log in.
  8. How can I get my password for Employee Self-Serve reset? - To reset your password send an email to Cynthia Cunningham ( or call her at 336-750-8910. If you are locked out of your Banner INB account or forgot your password,contact the HelpDesk personnel at 336-750-3431.
  9. What if I need to change my address? You will need to come to Human Resources and complete a change of address form.  You will also need to present proof of identity (photo ID).
  10. What is required to change my name? A request to change your name in the University Administrative System must be made in person at the Human Resources Office.   If you are an employee (faculty, staff, or student), federal regulations require employers to validate that the employee's name on record exactly matches the name which appears on the individual's Social Security card to ensure proper record keeping and tax reporting. Thus, in order to reflect your name change on your personnel and payroll records, you must present your Social Security card which reflects your new name, along with a photo ID to Human Resources, Eller Hall, Room 103.

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