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What is HR-Banner Workflow?

Workflow is a Flexible Tool which Unites the Processes used in processing a personnel budget action by Gathering Information into one central location instead of having a paper form here and another paper form there, sometimes never to be seen again.  Since the Workflow web form is an electronic form, it also Promotes Accountability by encouraging response to pending actions in a timely manner.  Additionally, by Implementing a Digital Process we are allowed to Replace Paper.  “Going Green,” decreases cost, increases effectiveness and efficiency.

Workflow promotes Accountability in several different ways: 

By providing Proxy Support, you can designate a “second-in-command” who can enter and/or approve Workflow actions in your stead in the event that you are unavailable or unable to do so yourself.  No more waiting until you can do it yourself! 

By providing Timestamp coding and Tracking on every action, there is no more wondering, “Where is my personnel action form NOW?”  Workflow provides a trail of electronic bread crumbs every step of the way.  An email is generated to the hiring manager detailing each action that has taken place.  If an action seems to be stalled you will now know exactly who to contact. 

With Workflow’s Banner Integration, the personnel budget action process is much more streamlined:  Consistent Procedures + Improved Productivity x Process Improvement = Improved Customer Service

Why use Workflow? 

  • Improved Communication between all Administrative Offices
  • Coordination of Data Entry within the HR Office
  • Improved Accuracy of Benefit Reporting
  • Enhanced Compliance of Security Policies
  • Improves Efficiency

– Saves time
– Tracking
– Systems Integration

  • Better Business Process Control

– Management of business processes achieved through standardizing working methods and
   the availability of audit trails
– Common process, all instances follow same activities and rules
– Accountability
– Improved Customer Service 

How does it impact me?

All Employee Separations (all permanent employees and temporary employees who are separating prior to the end of their contract term only) will now be done through HR-Banner Workflow.  Paper forms will no longer be necessary or accepted. 

How/why will the process change? 

WSSU is instituting changes to the processes that take place associated with an actual employee separation decision.  The upcoming changes are designed to increase the consistency and timeliness of processing employee separations.  Once a separation action is finalized, the associated steps will occur electronically. This change will minimize the delay and other problems associated with routing paper separation forms. Separation information will be routed from department to department through a software application called Workflow. 

With the new processing of separations, the employee (or a department representative) will no longer need to verify clearance information by phone or route the system separation form around the campus on foot or via inter-campus mail. 


  • Improve Communications between all Administrative Offices
  • Improve Coordination of Data Entry within the HR Office
  • Improved Accuracy of Benefit Reporting
  • Enhance Compliance of Security Policies 

How will these changes affect me and my department? 

As a chair or supervisor, you will be able to enter the employee’s separation information directly into a workflow.  Once you save and submit the entered information, the processing of the separation (via Workflow) will begin.  A series of automated processes will notify you, HR, the corresponding clearance departments and security offices of the employee’s separation.

When will these changes be implemented? 

Effective 10/10/12, all permanent employees and temporary employees who are separating prior to the end of their contract term separations are to be processed using Banner Workflow.  The Personal Budget Action form will no longer be accepted for employee separations.  A new version of the Personal Budget Action form has been created removing this option.  It is the responsibility of the Chair or Hiring Manager to submit the transaction. 

Begin your HR-Banner Workflow Web Form Experience

HR-Banner Workflow Web Form for Submitters

What if I have questions or comments? 

Check our FAQ link to the right of this page.  Please report all technical questions or problems via the IT ticketing system  - RAMTech Support Portal.

If you need assistance, please select the Workflow guide to the right that best suits your needs.

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