Policies and Procedures

HRLA Policies and Procedures

General Leave Policies- Leave Offsetting

The purpose of paid leave is to maintain the employee income, not enhance it. If employees work additional hours outside their normal schedule in a work week in which they also have scheduled or taken time off, the additional time worked "offsets" the time that the employee intended to cover with available leave.

Adverse Weather and Emergency Closing

The intent of this policy is to establish guidelines for accounting for time or releasing employees from work when:

  • Adverse weather or other conditions of a serious nature prohibit some employees from reporting to work but do not necessitate the closing of state offices or facilities, or
  • Emergency conditions necessitate the closing of state offices or curtailing of operations.

WSSU use and designate (when applicable) three main adverse weather operating conditions:

Condition 1
(open - regular schedule):
Inclement weather leave due if employee did not report to work
Condition 2
(classes canceled; offices open):
Inclement weather leave due if employee (SPA/EPA non-faculty) did not report to work
Condition 3
(classes canceled; offices closed):
No leave due

Hours of Work and Overtime Compensation

The payment of premium time and one-half rates in form of monetary compensation or time off is required for hours worked in excess of 40 within a week, with exception of those considered exempt.

No SPA employee whose position is designated as exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act from overtime compensatory provisions shall be paid overtime.

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