Legal Affairs

Policies and Procedures

The Office of Legal Affairs maintains Winston-Salem State University Policies, a series of policies of general applicability to members of the university community. All university policies must be developed, reviewed, revised, approved, and published in accordance with the standards and procedures specified in this policy. See university policy: Chapter 600 - University Property, Resources, Facilities, & Services Policy on Creation and Review of Policies for more information.

Policy Categories

Chapter 100 - Personnel

Chapter 200 - Academic

Chapter 300 - Undergraduate & Graduate Students

Chapter 400 - Research, Intellectual Property, and Information Technology

Chapter 500 - Finance & Audit

Chapter 600 - University Property, Resources, Facilities, & Services

Chapter 700 - Public Records & Record Retention

Chapter 800 - Health & Safety

Chapter 900 - General

Policies for Review

Pursuant to University policy, the following policies are being submitted for a campus wide review and comment period of five (5) days. Please submit any suggested changes to the Office of Legal Affairs. Any comments or recommendations for changes from the University community shall be reviewed by the appropriate Vice Chancellor and the Office of Legal Affairs.

Policy Name Date Posted
EHRA Non-Faculty Performance Management 2/15/17
EHRA Non-Faculty Employees 2/15/17
EHRA Non-Faculty Grievances 3/6/17

Disclaimer: Please note that the materials contained here in are provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Consult with a licensed attorney for legal advice concerning specific legal issues.

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