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Tuition Surcharge - FAQ

1. Who is affected by the tuition surcharge?

  • Students earning a first baccalaureate degree in a program that requires no more than 128 credit hours who take more than 140 credit hours.
  • Students earning a first baccalaureate degree in a board-approved program that requires more than 128 credit hours will be charged for all credit hours that exceed 110% of credit hours required for the degree.
  • Students earning an undergraduate degree other than their first will be charged 110% of the minimum additional credit hours needed to earn the degree.

2. What counts in the 140 semester hours (s.h.) allowed before the surcharge applies?

Courses taken at WSSU including repeated courses, failed courses, transfer credit hours, and grade replacements.

3. Is there anything that doesn't count in the 140 s.h. - limit?

The following are excluded from the 140 s.h. - limit: AP and CLEP credit, credit by examination, institutional advanced placement credit, summer term credits, and credits earned through the degree-credit extension division at WSSU or any UNC institution.

4. How will transfer credit affect the 140 s.h. - limit?

All transfer credits will count toward the 140 s.h. - limit except credit earned in summer school at WSSU or at another UNC school.

5. What if a student has over 140 s.h. but graduates in 4 years or less?

The 140 s.h. - limit applies only to students who take longer than eight regular term semesters to earn a 4-year baccalaureate degree or ten regular term semesters in a degree program designated by the Board of Governors as a five-year program.

6. How much will the tuition surcharge be?

If a student has 140 s.h. or more, the surcharge is 50% of his other tuition (only tuition, not fees). The surcharge applies to in-state tuition and out-of-state tuition.

7. If a student has 130 s.h. of credit and enrolls for 15 s.h., will he or she have to pay a
 How will it be computed?

Yes, the student will have to pay a surcharge. He or she will be charged the tuition surcharge in the first semester in which enrollment exceeds 140 s.h. The amount of the surcharge is based on the number of hours in excess of 140 s.h. (The exact amount depends on the number of hours for which the student is enrolled and the number of excess hours.)

8. What happens if a student's degree program requires over 128 s.h.?

The tuition surcharge applies when he or she exceeds 110% of the required hours for the degree.

9. Is there an appeal process for tuition surcharge?

There is not an appeal process for this fee, but there is an option to request a waiver of the tuition surcharge.

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