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Research Administration Management System & eSubmission.  RAMSeS at WSSU offers electronic proposal and signatory routing; a web based portal allowing campus users to access research data, and the ability to generate reports.  Electronic routing will: 1) eliminate the need for proposals to be “walked” around campus; 2) users and approvers can utilize a status checker function to view approval routes and status of submissions; 3) approvers will be able to add comments as they approve/reject a submission; and 4) users will have the ability to upload attachments such as budgets to be reviewed by approvers.   The planned GO LIVE date for the campus community is January 7, 2013.  At that time, paper based internal routing form will no longer be used.  All proposals will be routed electronically. 

RAMSeS delivers cutting-edge technology to the research community, enabling faculty research administrators to manage research more efficiently and effectively than ever before.  RAMSeS can be accessed from any location using your WSSU User ID and Password.  RAMSeS is also a robust database which includes over three decades of data proposal and award data.  Formatted and/or ad/hoc reports will be available from your computer.

RAMSeS is the official electronic file for every proposal and award within the UNC system.  Therefore, paper documents that typically were placed in the files should be uploaded into RAMSeS in the proper section.  Having everything in RAMSeS allows anyone to access proposal and or award documents from anywhere at any time as needed.

The most common attachments by location are:

PROPOSALS should have

  • The proposal as it was submitted to the agency
  • Agency guidelines
  • Any relevant IRB documents
  • Budget information
  • Subcontract information
  • Relevant communication
  • Any other campus required document(s)

AWARDS should have

  • The award document from the agency
  • Any email or written communication regarding the award
  • Award budget revisions
  • Progress reports
  • Amendments or modifications to the award 

AWARD PROJECTS should have

  • Each award project shows at the attachments uploaded to each award and proposal associated with the award project
  • Any no cost extension documents
  • Closeout documents
  • Final reports
  • PI Changes (if applicable)
  • Any other relevant award project information

It is imperative that documents be loaded into RAMSeS beginning with the proposal submission.  Once a proposal is awarded and those documents are uploaded, there is a complete electronic record of attachments that can be accessed from the award project attachment tab.

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