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RAMSeS Frequently Asked Questions

eIPF stands for Electronic Internal Processing Form

IPF stands for Internal Processing Form

Q) Where are the instructions?

A) Each page has a “help” button.  That link will take you to the “IPF Help” page designed to correspond to the various sections of the IPF.

Q) What if I cannot find the sponsor’s name on the list?

A) If the Sponsor is not listed, select “Organization Not Listed” at the bottom of the page.  A new pop up window will appear allowing you to type in the name of the Sponsor.

Q) What happens after I submit the IPF?

A) Clicking “Submit Proposal” will start the following process:

  • The eIPF will be “locked” and can no longer be edited [except by the Admin Award Dept which is the Sponsored Programs (OSP)]
  • The eIPF will be routed to all affiliated departments (chair, dean, immediate supervisor, etc.) for review and concurrence; should any of these departments reject the eIPF you will be notified by email of the rejection and for what reason(s)
  • The PI(s) will be notified by email that they must certify the eIPF in RAMSeS
  • Ultimately, the eIPF will arrive in OSP for final review and approval

Throughout these steps your (OSP, IPF Approvers, your PI, and any other contributing members listed on the eIPF will be able to track its review and approval status in RAMSeS.

Once all affiliated departments have approved the eIPF, you will receive an email indicating that it was successfully routed and received in the Office of Sponsored Programs.  If the proposal can be electronically submitted then no further action is required on your part.  However, if the Sponsor requires any part of the proposal be submitted in paper copy, then any such copies, with original signatures as required, must be forwarded to OSP for a complete submission to be accomplished.

Q)  How are people notified that they need to approve/certify an eIPF?

A) Several emails are used to notify individuals of the status of a proposal and also what action is needed on their part.  These emails are sent to people based on their role in the project (e.g. Lead Principal Investigator) as well as their role within a department [e.g. IPF approver such as chair, dean or immediate supervisor].

Q)  Who do I contact if I’m having any problems?

A) Valerie Howard, Director of Sponsored Programs at ext. 2413 or howardv@wssu.edu for assistance with the system.

Q)  When I copy a proposal and put in new information, I get the message, “Please specify parent project for this proposal,” but there is nowhere to enter this information?

A) Select “New” for Proposal Type, then click “Save” at the bottom of the page.  Now go back to the Proposal Type and select the correct Proposal Type.  You should see a field named “Parent Proposal” appear if you chose anything other “New”.

Q) How can I change my appointing department, email address, or phone number in RAMSeS?

A) RAMSeS uses the Human Resources database to populate the appointing department and contact information for individuals.  If you need to make a change, please contact Valerie Howard at ext. 2413 or howardv@wssu.edu. The change will need to be made manually within OSP.

Q)  What is a SNAP?

A) SNAP is an NIH acronym that stands for Streamlined Non-competing Awards Process.  More information about SNAP can be found on the “SNAP Information” page. 

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