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The University of North Carolina-General Administration (UNC-General Administration) is leading a new initiative called REACH NC, a web portal that enables users to find experts and assets within North Carolina higher education and research institutions.

  • A portal for public access to information on the expertise of university personnel
  • A tool to foster intra-and inter-institutional collaborations in research and innovation

Access REACH NC. In order to access this site quickly in the future, you may want to bookmark the link or save it as a shortcut to your desktop.


  • Present your research and body of work to the public in a transparent and easy to navigate manner.
  • Allow potential collaborators, graduate students, and others outside of your existing network to learn about your work and connect with you more easily.
  • Make it easier for university administrators to identify you for potential funding, collaboration, and speaking opportunities.
  • Enabling external partners such as private businesses, nonprofit organizations, economic developers, and foundations identify you as a potential collaborator, reviewer, or consultant.
  • Profile details such as new publications are automatically updated on a regular basis, so minimum maintenance is needed to keep your profile up to date (compared to a personal website where new publications and grants must be added manually)


In order to review your profile (personnel data, publications, grants, patents, courses, etc.) you will need to go to the REACH NC website, pull up your profile and review it for accuracy and content. In order to assist you with the process for updating a profile, a YouTube video entitled, “Updating A Profile in REACH NC” is available. This tutorial will help individuals with an expert profile in REACH NC to become familiar with the mechanisms available for updating an expert profile.

When reviewing your profile, ask the following questions:

  • Is the school/college/department that I am associated with accurate?
  • Does my profile contain disambiguation errors? (i.e. a publication was attributed to you but belongs to someone else with your same or similar name)
  • Is my profile missing key information in the “fingerprint”?
  • Does my “fingerprint” show inappropriate domains of expertise that should be eliminated?


One of the options is for individual users to enter additional information such as book chapters and publications that are not automatically captured manually, using a new tool called Profile Enhancer.  The YouTube video “Using Profile Enhancer in REACH NC” goes into further detail and builds on the information in the “Updating a Profile” video.

REACH NC Training Videos


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